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Transitioning to a crib from the RnP

DD loves her Rock N Play and strongly associates it with sleep.  All we have to do is put her in it at night and she puts herself to sleep, even if she's fully awake.

However, she's getting too strong for it, and when she wakes up in the morning, she often "stands" up in it by tensing her legs -- she also started rolling over recently.  So, sadly, I think it's time to move her to the crib.

The problem is that she doesn't associate the crib with sleep at all.  I tried putting her in the crib after her bedtime routine and she just babbled to herself a bit and eventually started crying to be taken out.  As soon as I put her in the RnP, she was asleep within minutes. 

Any tips for easing the transition?  

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Re: Transitioning to a crib from the RnP

  • It probably won't be easy. We transitioned from the RnP a 5 weeks, so Max didn't have such a strong association. I think you could try to do naps in the crib, which might preserve more of your sanity or you could just go cold turkey. 

    When it's came to getting Max to sleep in the crib we followed the Baby Whisperer's recommendations. I'd get him ready for bed, quietly sit with him in the glider for a few minutes (not rocking him), and then place him in the crib. If he'd start to fuss I'd pat him on his back or the side of his arm and loudly sush him until he fell asleep. I think the patting is really helpful because it lets your LO know you're there, but doesn't remove her from the new environment.  We're now to the point where we can skip sitting in the chair and just put him down awake in his crib. Also, put LO down as soon as you see any signs of being sleepy. If you miss the window it will be very difficult. 

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  • We are having this exact same issue. DS loves his RnP, and will wake himself up and cry once he finds himself in the crib. DH thinks the main thing with the crib is that his legs are not "supported" as they are in the RnP, and once his reflexes start in, he wakes himself up and then is mad. Interested on the responses you recieve...

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  • I am currently in this situation and so the past couple of nights, we have just gone cold turkey.  She pretty much falls asleep at her last feeding and then we (VERY quietly) place her in her crib.  She has lasted 7 hours both nights we have done this, but that is nothing compared to her usual 10 hrs in the RnP.  My advice is just to bite the bullet and do it.
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