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Lafayette--Can we talk about Dr. Schafer and how much we love him?

I don't know if this is OK, but I've had such a positive experience with my doctor, that I feel like you should know in case you're looking

I chose Dr. Schafer with IU Arnett after recommendations by a few friends. My first friend credits him for saving her son. Over the course of several weeks, they weren't able to find a heartbeat for him. She was scheduled for a D&C, but the day she went in, Dr. Schafer just felt like he needed to check for a heartbeat one more time. Fortunately, they were able to find one, and little man is here because of that today.
I have another friend who recommends him--he delivered her son 14 years ago, and still continues to go to him, and just loves him.

Dr. Schafer answers all his own pages. I've called the hotline at midnight, and he called me back within 20 minutes. I called it again this morning, and he got right back to me.
Last night, I had a health scare--cramping and vomiting, but because baby was still kicking pretty actively, I decided to let it wait until this morning. I woke up at 6, and hadn't felt any movement by 7:30. I called, they sent me to the OB unit at Arnett, and got me right in. Dr. Schafer was already at the hospital. He took such good care of me (and of course, I love the nurses for that system, too,) and both my husband and I felt so comforted.
Part of his appeal is that he is so mellow, no matter what, that even if he told you the world was ending, I don't think you'd panic. I can't imagine a person I'd rather have in the delivery room with me.

If you're looking for a doctor, and especially if you're a FTM, we can't recommend him enough.
The only problem is that since he does all his own deliveries, and handles his patients personally, you may have to wait for him at an appointment, or they may call and reschedule. It's totally worth it, though. I've had to wait on him to get back from the hospital, but I feel like if he's there on "labor day," that'll be my turn.

Re: Lafayette--Can we talk about Dr. Schafer and how much we love him?

  • I went with Dr. Eid who is also a wonderful doctor. I had heard Dr. Shafer was amazing but getting in to see him was a battle. I was induced on Wednesday the 14th. Dr Shafer was on call thankfully. Because after breaking my water at 8am I developed Corio and by 11 was in incredible pain and shaking and running a high fever with tachycardia as well as my son was having issues. I broke down and cried and said I needed help. He stayed so calm and was such a reassuring presence in that room! Within an hour I was numbed up and heading in for a c section. He was amazing and was so great at controlling the situation. He saved my sons life. He came to see me every morning until my discharge. I owe a lot to that man and am so blessed he was on call that night!!
  • I had Dr. Eid when I ended up in the hospital with a kidney stone. She was so great, but I'm glad Dr. Schafer will be around when it's time to push. (He's so tough to get into, but you know why now!)
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  • Thank you ladies ! I'm moving to Lafayette in a few months and I am a FTM due in April

    @stephanienjer and @danaemasonb

    Have either of used doulas or friends who have? 

    Any mom's groups I can get involved in when I moved (or any FB groups)?


  • YES! The only doula I have any personal experience with is Rachel Barnard. I didn't use her as a doula, but I did receive prebirth and post partum massages from her and she was great. Even though she wasn't serving as a doula, she gave great advice. She also is a lactation consultant. There are quite a few in town, though, and several midwives available through IU Arnett Hospital.
    Mom's Groups: 
    The one I've had the most success with is the Greater Lafayette Babywearing group. They're on facebook under that name. They have twice a month meetups, and are so supportive. They're not agenda-driven at all. You don't have to have a carrier to participate. The best thing is that the leader oversees a worldwide fb group on the subject--with 23,000+ members, and is so knowledgeable. No matter what parenting choices you make, you'll feel welcome.
    The other groups that I've experiences, but not had so much success with are the local LaLeche group and GLAMS. The LL group didn't seem so friendly or helpful. I felt like I was being made to feel guilty any time I took a path that they didn't approve. :( 
    GLAMS--or Greater Lafayette Area Moms is almost all during banker's hours, so I have struggled to attend anything, since I work. If you're a stay at home mom, though, it gets good feedback. 
    There are also lots of mom groups through a variety of churches. I also run a book club through my church that seems to mostly be moms.
    Finally, every once in a while "Family Friendly Purdue" facebook group will have an event or good story published. I recommend following them. 
    I hope you like it here! It takes a while to settle in. I've been here 5 years, and just after finding GLBW and having my daughter do I feel like I belong. If you feel isolated, or need an local ear, feel free to message me.
  • @WkoutMomtoBe, sorry, I forgot to tag you in my response. There you go!
  • @stephanienjer

    Thank you so much for all of the info...I may be messaging you soon! :) I have heard of the other moms groups but they won't accept me on FB (prob bc my town still says town I live in now which I can't change yet)
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