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1st Trimester

Any Jiu-Jitsu, Krav Maga or kickboxing ladies?

I'm a Krav Maga & kickboxing instructor and also am a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu white belt (training consistently for about 6 months).

I'm concerned that I can't train! Luckily the school I teach at is not a competitive fight school and we allow students to modify anything they need to because of injuries, ability, etc.

I'm worried mostly about BJJ - anyone out there who's trained during the first trimester?

Due to the nature of my job and the fact that accidents can happen, I'm telling my boss and coworkers on Tuesday or Wednesday when I'm only about 4 weeks along. We're all close and I'd rather let them know sooner than later to be safe. I understand the risks of a miscarriage are higher, but sadly my boss's wife had 2 so at least they'd be understanding and sympathetic and a good support system.

Re: Any Jiu-Jitsu, Krav Maga or kickboxing ladies?

  • I'd call your OB, even if you won't have an appointment for another few weeks, and ask. The general rule is that any exercise you already do is safe in pregnancy, but as you get further along and your center of gravity shifts, you are more likely to lose balance/fall over, whatever.

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  • I go to see my General Practitioner tomorrow (she's a gyno but not and OB) and once everything is confirmed I'm going to call and make an appointment with the OB the she has already recommended.

  • I did bjj and kickboxing until I was 8weeks. My doc said she didn't know too much about the sport but anything that's high impact is a no-no. My instructor was very careful to modify moves but someone still accidentally hit me while training bjj(she slipped and her elbow got me because you are so close to each other and there's nowhere else to go) and I realized I needed to stop. Accidents happen even if you're careful. Kickboxing I'm trying to keep up with (very tired lately) I just don't spar or hold pads for people anymore. I only hit bags and bob (the dummy guy). Lol!

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  • I'll go crazy if I can't train! I've been a martial artist since I was 4 but I definitely don't want to risk my baby. I can be very particular about who I partner with or just work alone on the bag. The Krav Maga self defense technique this week involves a kick to the stomach so I'll just partner with an instructor (who will know I'm pregnant). We're all good friends and close, know a decent amount about personal lives, each other's kids, wives, ex-wives (I'm one of two women, the other is 15 ha) etc. So I'm sure they'll make sure I'm safe.

  • Hey I'm a bjj Blue belt and also kick box and do judo . I will continue kickboxing ( without sparring) but am putting everything else on hold . You should not be rolling while pregnant . Somebody could accidentally hurt you or put their knees in belly .the only thing you can do is practice some of the transitions or do drills on your own .
  • Same - stopping jujitsu but continuing kickboxing on bag and hitting pads
  • I've read that quite a few women have continued BJJ. I'm definitely not sparring and I'd like to continue with BJJ but maybe I'll wait until the 2nd trimester when things are more stable or when I meet with the OBGYN to see what she says. 

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    I'd actually recommend to definitely stop during second tri. Your first trimester baby is tiny and has a lot of "padding" and accidental impact shouldn't affect you much. 2nd tri, baby is bigger and has less of a cushion to protect him/her.

    Eta: I was referring to bjj but ultimately it's up to you. Do what you and doc feel is right for you.

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