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Have a 4 month old and just found out I'm pregnant again.

Please any feedbacks or help is very much appreciated. I gave birth to my now 4 month old daughter on May 20th via emergency c section we ended up being in hospital for 9 days due to complications during labour. I just found out I'm pregnant again. I don't believe in abortions and is keeping the baby. But I'm so scard that I won't make it through knowing my body isn't fully recovered from delivery. What are my chances of having this baby healthy or making it to full term?.

Re: Have a 4 month old and just found out I'm pregnant again.

  • I would most definitely make an appointment with your health care provider.  Best wishes.
  • I know a few people that have had this happen and all 3 of them had no complications with pregnancies nor deliveries, including MIL who had gotten pregnant again just 2 months after delivering my DH. MIL was just concerned in not giving him the attention or childhood he could have had but I believe that's just over-worrying. I know everyone is different and I'm aware your situation is different but I do want to make it clear that evidently the recommended 9 months before getting pregnant isn't so bad as people make it seem. I agree with pp to get to your doc asap. But I also want to congratulate you, mama! Your daughter will have a brother or sister that's very close in age & that's special. Take care!
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  • I had my lo on may 20 as well. Best wishes hope everything goes well for you and your family.
  • I know a lady who had 2 babies in the same year, both by c-sections, her doctors told her she shouldn't even try for a natural birth and she had to rest and be extra careful with the second but now she has 2 happy and healthy baby boys who are basically best friends.

    It'll be ok and Congratulations!
  • My grandmother has a few kids that are born in the same years. My oldest 2 aunts are 11 months apart. And the other kids are about 2 years apart. Then the last 2 kids are 10 months apart. All seven of them, they are ALL close in age and are very close as far as their relationships. I love it. Congrats!!! I know it's scary but also exciting. Keep us posted.
  • Thanks guys I feel so much better and there's a lot of hope so now I can calm the worrying :) I see my doc on thurs. Yes it's very scary knowing I'm only a first time mom to her and now I have to make a lot of changes knowing there's another one coming. I think I'm just over thinking because I've had a miscarriage before having my daughter and it was not good. So are my chances on having a natural birth next very low?
  • I'm in the same boat my son was born May 29th and we just found out I'm 7 weeks pregnant. I had a natural birth so I'm not sure about c sections it is best to go to your doctor and ask a lot of questions. I know I'll have a ton for her:) congratulations though tour children like mine will be best friends and thus just helps train the first one faster so you don't have 2 babies in diapers .. Good luck
  • I would think that because your body would not be fully healed from the 1st c-section, I would plan on a high likely hood that this baby would be delivered the same way, however only your doctor will be able to tell you for sure. If you do end up with a planned c-section take comfort in the fact that you will know when your new lo will be here and that can make arragements for your 1st child to stay with someone much easier. With my 2nd child because I knew when he would be here, my mom and sister were able to fly down and stay with my daughter as well as being sure to meet my son.
  • It was the same with my friend and her kids are both great. Best wishes for you!!
  • First of all, congratulations! I am sure your little ones will be the best of friends and you wouldn't have had it any other way once the new baby arrives! Best wishes! 
  • My mom delivered me by cs in 1989. She got pregnant on purpose 3 months after I was born. My brother was born the week after my first birthday by planned vbac. Recommendations are there to try and make sure that the outcome is the best possible. That doesn't mean that everytime something goes unplanned or against recommendations that the worst case scenario will happen.
  • Congratulations on the pregnancy everything will be fine women end up pregnant again shortly after there frist one all the time.. I have a question and don't want to seem rude asking were you on any type of birth control just asking because people are getting pregnant on birth control now!!!
  • I would talk to your doctor about any risks, but every pregnancy and delivery is different but congrats to you, my daughter was born on may 20th too and I'm currently 12 weeks pregnant
  • Did any of you ladies have a period before you found out? My breasts are really tender (it doesn't feel the same as fullness from breastfeeding) either I'm about to have a period or I'm pregnant. Just wondering.. Taking a test in the morning. Thanks! I'm freaking out!
  • Hello! 
    I had my first, a boy in 2010 by an emergency c-section. I just had a baby girl by another emergency c-section in November 2016 and now I'm pregnant again. My doctor said it would need to be a scheduled c-section but she doesn't have any concerns right now. 
    I was wondering if you had any advice on the outcome of your situation, since this was posted a while ago. I would really appreciate it! :smile:
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