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Drinking while pregnant rant (long)


Re: Drinking while pregnant rant (long)

  • I don't judge anyone who chooses to drink (very lightly) during pregnancy, or anyone who chooses to abstain, but I think there should be some clarification re: the assertions in the original post.  Everything I've read about the study of children of women who drank moderately during pregnancy says that they did not have a higher IQ and less aggression *because of the alcohol.*  It was thought to be because those women who drank had a greater level of education, wealth, etc., not because the alcohol was like a prenatal vitamin or something.

    That said, I could care less whether people have the odd drink while pregnant, but I agree that the guidelines are in place to keep things safe for the general population, including people who may not have the same definition of moderation as is actually safe.

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    Should site your sources for that OP

    Edit: to make clear i was asking op
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  • Cheers!

    I don't think OP was judging as much as she was just venting. I too get annoyed by all of the crap I'm told to do/not do by people who are definitely not experts, ESPECIALLY when it comes to having the occasional glass of wine, so I understand where she's coming from.
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    Lljbean said:

    korinod said:

    Im not trying to be rude at all by saying this, but if giving up alcohol for a short period of time is this much of an issue for you, you maywant to ask yourself if you have a problem with alcohol.

    Thanks for bringing it all back around to prove the OP's point. 



  • I have never been able to have just one glass of wine. Soo I didn't think pregnancy was a great time to retry something I've failed at on many occasions. I will get confused in my lady brains and drink the whole bottle....oh and I'm American.
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  • @andreachristine81 absolutely 100% agree with you!!
  • Just FYI, Im in Australia and the guidelines aren't as you've stated above (though I think they have been adjusted in the past 5 or 10 years). They are now "not drinking is the safest option as there is no known 'safe' level" ie not enough/conclusive research
  • @mg137 & @enkb I feel we are kindred spirits. Amen sisters! Thank you for encouraging others to THINK for themselves and make their OWN decisions without judgement for/from others! 
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    Ugh. Ladies, come to your own personal conclusions after reading medical studies.

    During my pregnancy, I have abstained from drinking with the exception of taking a sip of my husbands cocktail while we are dining out. This weekend I went out with several couples to our local restaurant/bar. I did the usual of taking a sip of my husband's drink to get a taste. My girlfriend ripped the drink away from me. She and our other friend continued to berated me.

    My husband is a Dr. who has also done research on drinking while pregnant. I have also read several articles. While I originally thought I may have a glass of wine a week, I found myself staying away from alcohol completely with the exception of a monthly sip (saving for a new house means staying in a lot).

    I was absolutely ticked by my friends reaction. First, I am an adult and am able to make my own decisions. Second, taking a sip to coat my tongue will do NOTHING at all to our baby. Third, how dare you assume that I am not knowledgeable about my health and my babies health.

    I after that rant I just want to say, do your own research, find your own conclusions and stop judging others. It's really not that difficult.

    If a friend of mine ripped a drink out of my hands because I was tasting something? That would be the end of our friendship. How disrespectful and ignorant. They wouldn't have a chance to continue to berate me about it because I don't need some ignorant parent figure in my life. That's not a friend. Holy crap.

    Eta I don't drink while pregnant. However I have tasted my husband's beer and cocktails. Probably the same as you, just a taste, not a drink.
  • There's so much conflicting information that it's hard to know what to believe. Even here on TB, I've seen it said a glass of wine is okay but then another blog entry saying no amount of alcohol is safe. I like to drink, but I am far from an alcoholic. I've had sips of other people's drinks and this past weekend I had about 1.5 ounces of Moscato. This is an area where moderation is key and you have to decide what is best for you.

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  • Ohhhhh I miss me some wine ;) but that being said I have done my research, I've got my doctors suggestions, I've got family suggestions, and most importantly it wasn't just a me me me choice. My SO has an equal say in what I do for baby, because he had an equal part in making baby, and will have an equal part in raising baby. He'd never ban me from doing anything but when I make decisions such as this one I ask his stance (luckily we tend to have the same opinions on most things :D). All of this coming together and I've decided I don't want to drink during my pregnancy. I know that the occasional drink wouldn't be the end of the world, but in my mind it's not something I super miss anyway so what ever.

    That being said, my little one will be super chill. Though that's mostly because when I can have my glass of wine back I'll be chill and, in my opinion, a chill mom = a chill little one. 

    Be chill Moms, be chill and do what you do :)
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    Well thought id put out the thought of if wine is poison (yes technically it is) then what about other stuff - surely that's just as bad or worse? Eg aspartame (most diet & non-diet drinks in the UK contain it & it HAS been noted as a neurotoxin & carcinogenic. So I think what I'm trying to say is we all know the effects of wine/alcohol on a fetus as it's widely reported & we are given a "safe level" even if some choose not to believe it (I respect their decisions) but I don't feel guilty having the odd sip here and there but I DO NOT indulge in anything with sweetener in - which is actually proven as far far worse even in moderation! Just a thought ladies that's all :)
  • interesting....I'm following to see what other people say about this as I'm totally undecided... 
  • kaila1980 said:

    interesting....I'm following to see what other people say about this as I'm totally undecided... 

    You could just read the whole thread from start to finish.
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