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Wanting to start FF

So I have been exclusively pumping since my daughter was born about a month ago. She is a preemie and was born at 31 weeks. I had originally wanted to try pumping but had the thought that if I didn't like it I would go to FF. I never wanted to breast feed just not my thing for many reasons. Now I feel like since she is a preemie I shouldnt stop, but I really don't want to continue either and its making me a depressed mess. I'm so unhappy all the time. Did anyone else have a preemie and decided to go to FF? At what age did you make the switch?

Re: Wanting to start FF

  • Our foster baby was born 30 weeks went home on formula at 37 weeks. Still a fetus really-didn't cry. Hard to feed. Pooping was hard. :( I guess only ff in hospital might be good so the nurses can help you with trucks on how to get baby to poop better. Ours didn't ff until soon before going home. Had been tube, so I don't think the issues were recognized by the time we left.
  • I had a preemie who was born at 35 weeks! She had no health issues, however she couldn't nurse due to her inability to suck properly! Therefore I was pumping and topping up with formula. I only lasted 10 days of pumping before I switched to Strickly formula!!! You have to do what's right for you!! The month that you have BF has done amazing things for your baby, but there is nothing wrong with formula feeding!!
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  • My little man was born at 34 weeks and only 2 lbs and 13 ozs due to iugr. I tried pumping for the the first two weeks and I was getting zip... So I stopped! The first 2-3 weeks he was on donor milk and then switched to formula. He's on Similac Neosure which is made specifically for premies! I felt exactly how you do... I wasn't in to breastfeeding, but wanted to do it because he was so tiny and needed it! Well the day I had to dump the 2 mL I did get from pumping because half was blood was the day I threw in the towel! I felt like a total failure! It was bad enough I couldn't grow him properly on the inside and then my body continued to fail me with my lack of milk! Those feelings all went away and I'm watching him grow before my eyes. I actually am glad he's on formula now because I can really see how much he's eating!
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