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What are you eating while pregnant?

Im trying my best to eat right while Im pregnant but I feel like im at a dead end with new meals! So what are you favourite meals?

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  • During pregnancy, you need to consume extra protein and calcium to meet the needs of the growing fetus. I eat Salmon, lean meat, eggs, veggies, etc
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    During pregnancy I craved chocolate, pickles,egg, cheese, bacon and ice cream
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  • The same before pregnancy, just added more veggies and fruits. Daily smoothies and nuts.
  • During pregnancy, I drink milk every day. More fruits and vegetables. I avoid eating undercooked and raw foods.
  • To maintain a healthy pregnancy, approximately 300 extra calories are needed daily. These calories should come from a balanced diet of protein, fruits, vegetables and whole grains, and sweets and fats should be kept to a minimum. A healthy, well-balanced diet during pregnancy can also help reduce some symptoms of pregnancy, such as nausea and constipation.

  • For me the non-stop eating has been a second-trimester thing, after the non-stop nausea of the first trimester (during which I hardly ate anything except fish, fruit, veges & dry crackers because I couldn't stomach anything else). It's been since the second trimester began that I've been finding myself able to eat more variety. Of course you shouldn't just pack yourself full of sugar & high fat foods when experiencing, but you do need some variety in your diet, too. I snack a lot on fruit, or a mix of dried fruit & nuts, or plain biscuits, between meals. 
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