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prego friend rant

So I have a friend who is about 6 weeks ahead of me. And her entire pregnancy she has drove me nuts! She found out she was expecting at 4 weeks. The next week she posted that she had just finished putting the nursery together and was 5 weeks! And then at 18 she found out she was having a boy. A week later she was convinced it was a girl even though you could clearly see boy parts. She demanded another ultrasound. At 29 weeks she had her baby shower (last weekend) and the very next day said she had to go get the rest of the stuff cuz he could be here any day now. I sure hope that baby doesn't come any day now, she still has a while! Let alone everyday she complains about how far she is or how the kicking keeps waking her up. Seriously. I want to slap her. Sorry I just really needed to rant.

Re: prego friend rant

  • How fat* she is....Sorry for the typo
  • These next 11 weeks are going to go by real slow for her if she expecting him any day! I bet he comes late :)
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  • I agree, if she's a FTM I understand how anxious you can get as I have similar thoughts in my head on any given day.
  • I can definately see your point (i think i would feel the same as you!), but at the same time there is no "right" way to do pregnancy. If she wants to have her nursery finished as week 6, well good for her, just so long as she's letting you take your time and not rush what comes naturally to you. I can understand wanting to have everything ready well ahead if schedule, i want to get cracking on my own nursery too. My family has a strong history of pre-term labour. Im 25 weeks and by this stage my sister had had her first! So its playing on my mind lately that id prefer to have everything ready soon and then not have to worry about any big ticket/essential items in the last 5-8 weeks. Having said that, i cant tell from your post if she is coming from the same place as me (in which case I dont go airing my probably unrealistic paranoid fears on my friends everyday), or if she just wont.shut.the.hell.up about how "far" along she is. Good luck!
  • It's not anyone on the board and this is her second. Both boys.
  • Meh she's high maintenance, just nod and smile. 
  • I had a friend who would post pictures of herself cradling her "bump" at 5 weeks on facebook. (:| we just all nodded and smiled. Some people are just 90mph with their pregnancy the whole time. That being said you may want to dodge her like the plague in the coming weeks bc the complaining is about to get REAL.
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    Gosh poor you - what a nightmare friend! Having said that some people can be high maintenance in pregnancy. Having said that I look back on my 1st two pregnancies and sometimes cringe. Ok I forgive myself for my 1st as I was young and didn't know what I was doing and so was heavily influenced by MIL's experiences 20 something years earlier (we were living with them then so hard to get away from them). But with my second I was the pregnant equivalent of bridezilla but I soon learnt that it's not helpful to sweat the small stuff! With no 3 (a seven and a half year age gap through choice) I was much more chilled about the whole thing and don't get me wrong I still had fun shopping (& got more than I needed) but I was far less stressed about it. Although perhaps some of that was as our finances were far better so I could be more relaxed. With this one (no.4) I don't talk about him much unless asked or I'm having a bad day and want to share how tired I am with other people (that's only if they ask for it by making some rude comment about how crap I look mind) but I guess I am sort of in denial and still coming to terms with the pregnancy as our youngest is only 15 months & this one wasn't planned. But I still buy stuff on sale or from second hand places when I feel they are a bargain but I certainly don't go talking about it all the time. But perhaps that's the beauty of lots of kids - you mellow and relax into it. They'll come when they're ready and what point is there to rush about stressing yourself.

    To OP - I know she sounds annoying but I think perhaps there's more going on there than meets the eye. Sounds like this poor (& ever so slightly crazy) lady is stressed by the whole pregnancy and this is her coping strategy. I kind of feel sorry for her. But that said if she was my friend I would definitely distance myself from her - especially if she stressed me out! Do what's right for you and your baby and try as best you can to ignore her!

    Good luck with your pregnancy xxx
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