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On-Site Daycare at Work

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Does anyone else work for a company with an on-site daycare service?  Do you use it?  I am an in-house attorney for a large corporation, and my company is planning to open a new on-site day care facility the first quarter of next year.  It will be a brand new, state of the art facility and have a contract with a top-rated child care agency.  The exact cost will be announced at the end of this quarter, but it is supposed to be comparable to similar local facilities.    

I am still in my first trimester (so, I know it is early to start contemplating these things), but I am trying to weigh our options between the on-site service or an outside daycare.  On one hand, it would be incredibly convenient to have one less stop to make on the way to work in the mornings, and it would be nice to have the option to visit my baby during my lunch break, etc.  But, I am concerned that it may make it harder to separate my work and personal life, which I have worked so hard to keep separate.  I also worry that having the option to pop in for a visit may be too much of a distraction and that my career could suffer.  Additionally, because the facility will be so new, I will not have the benefit of getting reviews from other parents/co-workers.

Has anyone else used an on-site daycare service at their place of employment?  What would you say are the pros and cons? 

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  • I don't have experience, but I can dream. I would have loved to have on-site daycare. My company considered it at one time, but that time is well past. I firmly believe I would have the discipline to visit appropriately. One big plus - BF would have been 20 min a day (DD ate in 5 min and was predictable) rather than near an hour to pump at work (3x pumping, cleaning, etc.). As it was I found an in-home care 10 min away by a compassionate mom and that was doable.

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  • That is a good point, @SharronB222.  If my LO was on-site, it would eliminate (or at least reduce) the need to pump at work.  That's great that you were able to find a caregiver so close to your work. 
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  • I would love it, I feel I'd be able to focus more on my career without the distraction of thinking about how hes doing at day care. You will have to spend less time away from him/her, the extra drive time between daycare and work locations adds up. I don't think the idea of being able to pop in would be a distraction, once you get into the swing of things itll become a routine and you'll know at lunch time you will get to see them and it would motivate you to concentrate on what your doing at that moment. 
  • I agree with all these pros.  Here are some cons that I see: 1) I would feel guilty if work got busy and I was not able to pop in and see the baby.  2) As baby gets older, separation anxiety will set in and it may not be easy on them (or you if they cry) if you pop in to see them and feed them and then leave them again.
  • I have on-site daycare and do not use it. For my family, it was more convenient to use daycare by our home so both my husband and I can share drop-off and pick-up duties. This is huge for us as it takes the pressure off one person and allows us to share responsibility and the special pick up time with our baby.
  • I would love to have this option---just getting the extra time in the car with DS in the morning and at night would be nice. I think it would be great to be able to spend my lunch hour on occassion with him too. However, as mentioned, you would be on the hook for drop off and pick up. What if you have to work late? What if you are extremely sick and need to stay home from work? I know mom's aren't supposed to get sick, but it happened to me once before and I just didn't have the strength or energy to take care of my 9 month old with as sick as I was for a day a few years ago. I was so thankful that DH could take DS to daycare for the day so I could just sleep. 
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  • I would love it! I'm pushing my work to get a daycare on site. 
    For me, my work is close to home so either of us could drop off or pickup if needed. Same thing for all those doctor appointments. 
    I also consider drive time and weather. I live in the midwest. If work was far away, I wouldn't want DS in the car in the snow. Just a thought. If you have a long commute, you have more car time with the baby. 
    Currently, we use an in home daycare that's just a few blocks from work. I don't pop by unless something happens, but it's so nice when I have to do doctor appointments or I forget diapers. 
  • Know this thread is a month old, but thought I'd reply anyway.  We have a daycare at the University where I work, no discount for employees.  It is more expensive than any daycares in the area.  I'm 14 weeks and due in April.  If we put our name in this week we have a 50-50 chance of getting baby in mid-August.  Yikes!  

    This is really the only way I'd be happy going back to work.  For me there are a lot of downsides to working, such as a comparatively low salary and the cost of daycare.  But, at least I can nurse baby at lunch.  It's definitely not going to be convenient because it's just under a 15 min walk both ways across campus.  Driving isn't an option, because parking is a nightmare on campus.  I'll just have to eat and work before I go nurse.  
  • My company has a daycare on site. It fantastic. I'm close so I can stop by and see my LO anytime. I feel comfortable with the teachers because they are constantly being watched with parents I work with stopping in to check on their kids. We are like a little family. I feel so lucky to be a 2 min walk from my daughter all week when I can't be with her
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