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What was on your birth playlist?

Hi all, 

I am looking for suggestions for songs/artists to add to my birth playlist. I am planning on having a natural unmedicated birth and have been practicing hypnobirthing, but our teacher said we should also have a set playlist of relaxing music for birth as well. 

Suggestions? What was on your list? =)

Re: What was on your birth playlist?

  • I had a childbirth meditation that also came with an instrumental track. After that, instrumental Christmas music for my December birth.
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  • I used Pandora to play the Nature Sounds with Music: Inspiring Thunder and Rain station while I was waiting for Labor to really kick in and then had my own playlist of songs that had special meaning to me. I wanted it to start peaceful and then get a little more hyped and upbeat in the middle and then level out again towards the end to mimic the waves of my labor.  
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  • I put together a playlist of mostly post-rock instrumental music. I'm feeling like I will need something kind of melancholic to match the state I'll be in in labor. I love classical music and nature sounds but they just don't strike the right mood for me.

    Mogwai and God Speed You! Black Emperor fill up most of it.

  • A little late to this but I had a lot of John Legend and Michael Buble on mine. I played them a lot while pregnant and was advised by my OB to play them during delivery as well because baby would be able to recognize them. I actually forgot all about music during labor but thankfully H was there to take care of it.
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