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So I'm not having a baby shower because well I dont want one and no one has offered to host one for me. However Im having a last 'get together' with about 5 friends and my mum. I have very clearly stated that this is not a baby shower. My question is my pregnancy has just been moved to high risk I had planned to have this get together the first week of mat leave but wondering if I should have it sooner in case I get put on bed rest or something similar.

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  • How soon before your DD is that? I'm a FTM so someone else could probably offer you better advice but I'd imagine if you're very close to your DD you will be tired and possibly uncomfortable. Especially with the risk you mentioned, it might be wiser to move it to an earlier time. And as it's not a shower with a venue/invites etc. I imagine you must be fairly flexible with your dates. Good luck!

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  • My DD is 12th Dec but im booked in for a C/S between 37-38 weeks. The get together was planned for 35 weeks.
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  • You might bump it up a little bit. I was very tired starting into my 8th month of pregnancy. If you are getting together just to eat or doing something relaxing where you are not standing at all then you are probably ok to get together as planned.
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  • If you'll be really bummed that you missed your get together in the event that the baby comes earlier, I'd move it up a week or two.
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  • Move it up and get a prego massage while you're out!
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