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At your shower, friends and family will come together to celebrate you and baby. Along with the pink & blue cupcakes, balloons, and confetti, our favorite way to celebrate is with games!

Here, our editors share their top 5 most creative game ideas that are sure to keep your guests entertained for the whole shower! What are your favorite baby shower games?

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Re: Baby Shower Games!

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    My favorite baby shower games are Pass the binky(on a straw with your mouth) the can't say "baby" game, guess moments belly size, the alphabet game and I did a diaper raffle. Bring a pack of diapers for a chance to win a prize!
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    I've been to a very limited number of showers, but I went to one where we tasted baby food and tried to guess what it was. Everybody thought it was really awkward and it definitely made me question what we feed our children!
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    Guess the mommy to be belly size , who knows the mommy to be the best , the chocolate game in the diaper and you guess what it is. Who can drink the bottle the fastest
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    I've played the memory game of showing a bunch of baby items then taking it away and you have to list them. That was fun. A game that went well at my sisters shower, similar to this us the Price is Right. Guests guess the prices of baby items and the one with the closets total wins! It's great for a co-ed shower!
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    Not exactly a game per se, but I found some neat diy baby toy ideas on Pinterest that seem really simple to make from cheap craft supplies and stuff lying around the house or things you'd normally just throw away. I'm going to set up a craft table so guests can make some toys if they want.
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