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Helping 4 yr old with loss

My mom has cancer and has been given 2-3 months to live. I'm not sure how to help my children with this. DS1 is 4 years old. He loves "playing" the piano with grandma and helping her cook. The last few times we have seen her, she is resting and doesn't have the same kind of energy she used to have. He knows she is sick and keeps asking if she will go to the doctor to get better. She lights up whenever she sees the kids and I want them to have as many positive memories as possible together. Any ideas (or even prayers) would be appriciated. 

Re: Helping 4 yr old with loss

  • Are there any childrens books on this topic? There must be... That's where I would start (my educational background is psych and child Dev. And work background is working with children of addicts. I use books about transitions, feelings and tough subjects all the time.)

    I am so sorry and I feel badly that no one as responded to this. I'm sure people have no idea where to start.

    One of those cheap plastic photo flip books... Fill those with pics of him and grandma, so he can feel comfortable bringing her up and/or talking to her when she's gone.

    I'll think positive thoughts for you.

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  • My mom gave me a picture of my great grandma after she pass away and she and my grandma would tell me stories about her when they were little girls. My grandma kept mittens she (my great grandma) had knitted which I have passed on to my kids because I know my great grandma would have wanted them to be used.
    I agree with @gardeniagirlknits books for transitioning and pics to keep and maybe something special to snuggle. Scent memory is strong, and having something to snuggle that was her's goes a long way.
    Thoughts and prayers.
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