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Nap problems

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hi, I have a problem wif my mil she baby sits my 20 month all from Monday to Friday as I work, right from wen my d was 6 months I went back to work I have to get her up at 6 every morning and don't get home til about 6. My problem is that my mil doesn't make her have a nap throught the day says she doesn't want to up set her but by the end of the week my girl is so tried n cranky.. I've tried tellin my mil that's she just needs a sleep and just lay her down n walk out but she won't. Wat can I do?

Re: Nap problems

  • I would talk to your husband and have him talk to his mom.  Its important for them to nap.
  • Find a new daycare provider.
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  • My partner won't say anythin to he mother I've tried sayin somethin but just won't work... N the only reason I'm back at work is coz mil could look after my daughter so I didn't have to pay to get looked after
  • Does she nap on the weekend? I would have your MIL follow the same schedule you do on the weekend.
    You need to give your MIL clear direction and you and your partner need to be on the same page- I'm surprised your partner won't talk to his mother.
    And if it's not working out with your MIL as the other advised find someone else- at least part time.
  • Do you have a naptime or bedtime routine that helps your daughter get to sleep easily? Maybe MIL just doesn't know how to get her to sleep? (Not super likely, but maybe.) you could share with MIL exactly how to get her to nap more easily, and maybe that would help?
  • Why does your MIL think she doesn't need to nap? Does your MIL notice how cranky your LO is at the end of the day?

    Your H needs to grow and pair and talk to his mom. If not, get a new daycare provider.

  • This post is weird and that behavior from your MIL is unacceptable. Fire her.
  • Thanks for everyone advice... Mil is a great person we get along great so I'm able to talk to her better there my partner n as I've said I've tried to talk to her... N as said before maybe I should show/tell mil how I get my d to sleep on the weekends... Maybe that would help.
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