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Food for thought.

Not at all food related but it's a well written article from a nurse... Gives you something to think about before you make a huge ridiculous pregnancy plan to hand the nurses in the hospital or before you get overly demanding of them.

I personally loved (most of) my nurses because they were there to help me do things I would never have imagined needing help doing.


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    I would never treat a nurse like a waitress/waiter/housecleaner/etc. but some people are just clueless jerks. You can find them in hospitals, restaurants, retail, finance, schools, they are every where. I don't think it's just a nurse issue unfortunately.

    Also, I'm not making a birth plan. I have an idea of how I'd like it to go but really, you can hope in one hand and... We all know the saying :)

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  • My L&D and baby nurses with DD were Ah-mazing! Seriously the best, so informed, caring and attentive. I asked my mom and DH to bring them coffee, bagels, pizza etc to show our appreciation. The staff loved it and they truly deserved it.
  • The only thing I took from online birth plan ideas were the phone numbers of family members in case of emergency, my pediatrician's information and a couple random other emergency things but I never gave It to the nurse I kept it in a folder in my bag. It was mostly for h just in case.

    I told him 40 times who the pediatrician was etc but we all know they forget.
  • Yup, some people are clueless! I can't imagine treating a nurse that way. FIL has been hospitalized a few times recently for various things and he always insists we bring the nurses bagels, pizza, fruit baskets, etc. I think everyone can probably be a bit difficult when they are in serious pain or when they see a loved one very sick, but nurses are so amazing to put up with all that!

    I don't think I'll have a birth plan. Like a few pp said, it'd be great if things went a certain way, but I am not foolish and I know labor can go any number of ways.
  • I'm a hospice RN and I hand out about a half dozen "diet cokes" to family members in any given shift. Most of us do. And most of us don't mind. It's when someone acts like that is the only thing you have to do until the doctor rounds and gives you a clue how to help the patient...that's when I'm done handing out diet cokes. To that particular family member on that particular day. And then it all starts over again the next shift...

    I do agree that it is seen in almost every service profession. And in most professions dominated by women, unfortunately.
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  • Running off of what Mississippicatfish said I've shadowed doctors quite a bit and honestly they are mostly adjusting medications and the plan of care when they round, often nothing gets changed at that moment. The majority of patient care comes from the nurses and they really know their stuff. They try so hard to care for their patients and get way more involved with them. Treating them poorly is just so self serving and terrible.

    Don't think I will have a birthing plan either - the l&d nurses are so great. I know what I want from working there but I also know nothing goes just as planned so oh well!
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  • I am having a birth plan. It will say 3 things that I don't want and that's it.
    I am bringing donuts for my nurses in L&D and my PP nurses. I am having them special made by a donut place that is open 24/7 so if we need more donuts we can get them! I always say please and thank you. I am a Peds nurse and I appreciate anyone caring for me and my child and in general dealing with my family...we are loud and Jewish.
    The nurses where I'm delivering at work 12 hours and not a lot of people show appreciation for them because these nurses usually deal with people that are self centered and want to be waited on hand and foot. I have heard lots of horror stories about the hospital's labor and delivery team but I went on a tour yesterday and we are all on the same page to the point that the nurse and I want the same things as me and my SO and my OBGYN.
    But I am going to make sure my nurses feel appreciated and that's why I always say please and thank you and the donuts. They get spread pretty thin sometimes so they don't always get their lunch breaks or get to go to the bathroom when they need to. I want to be an easy patient for them because I am high risk so its extra work for them.

  • With my last two births, my nurses were amazing, every single one. My first experience was so awful that I was so incredibly grateful for my next two. I worked a lot with nurses in social work and just like us they were overworked and under appreciated. I actually look forward to seeing them again when I have this baby.
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  • With my mom being a nurse, I can attest to them being some of the most amazing and selfless people. My mom will do anything for her patients (she works in oncology so her patients typically aren't doing well). She's had patients ask for things they thought were impossible and my mom made it happen. Two examples that I can think of were when a patient just wanted a beer. They were on their deathbed and all they wanted was a beer. My mom got that poor patient a beer and they were so grateful and happy. Another was when someone wanted to see their dog for the last time. My mom told security that this person's dog was coming in and if they had a problem with it, they could bring it up with her personally (she's only 5 feet tall but no one messes with that woman). They got to cuddle with their dog in their final moments.

    I'm not saying my mom is a saint, I'm just saying she's a excellent example of the amazing people nurses are
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