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Is a toddler bed worth it?

I bought an expensive transitional crib for my daughter and am not sure it was worth it.  Toddler conversion kit - $200.  Full bed conversion kit - $200.  She is 2.5 and still sleeps in her crib just fine.  Is a toddler bed worth it? and when do most stop using one?

Re: Is a toddler bed worth it?

  • We went from crib to twin bed and skipped the toddler bed all together. That's just another thing to transition out of.

    My son was 2.5 when we put him in a twin bed and we only did that because we needed the crib for the new baby.

    This is a decision that is entirely up to you and when you are ready. There's not a right or wrong answer here.

  • We skipped the toddler bed. We transitioned to a twin mattress on the floor for about three months, and then when we were comfortable that he wouldn't roll out of bed, we switched him onto the bed. He went onto the twin mattress at about 15 months old.
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  • I got a toddler bed for 3 bucks at a garage son is 3 1/2 and has been in it ever since (though...I think we are going to need to get him a twin bed soon)...
  • We skipped the toddler bed for both my first 2 kids. One went straight to a full bed and the other to a twin. My main reasoning was the same as a PP to skip an extra transition.

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  • I wouldn't spend any money on a toddler bed. I could have bought the conversion kit (to toddler bed) for our crib but didn't. DS1 went straight to a twin (with a side rail) at 2 years and 4 months because I wanted the crib for his little brother. DS2 went into a twin bed at just before 3 years old. We sold the crib. I put a pool noodle on 1 side of the twin and a rolled up blanket on the other (the bed rail was terrible and frayed apart many months ago and I threw it away).

  • We switched my son to a toddler bed at about 16 months just because we found a cool pirateship bed that we knew he would love. It worked out great for him, and he contines to sleep in it now, at 3. I think the main advantage to a toddler bed- as opposed to a crib or a twin- is that they're cozy and cute, so if that is enticing, then by all means go for it, but I agree with others that they're certainly not necessary. One drawback is that it's not supercomfy to cozy up in there for bedtime stories.
  • I got our crib from Ikea for just over $100 and then it turned into a toddler bed.  We switched our DS to the toddler bed right before he turned two and he has done great.  He has fallen out a couple times but since it is so low to the ground he doesn't have far to fall and he has been doing better with that.  He is a wiggle worm when sleeping so it doesn't surprise me.  I feel like the toddler bed is a better move for him so he isn't falling out of something higher like a big kid bed or having to by the guard.  Each kid is different though. 
  • DS is 3 and we just converted his crib to a toddler bed. This if just for the time being until his new room is ready and we're putting him on a twin bed since we have a baby on the way.  I was also told a toddler bed isn't worth it, so we're skipping it.  
  • We bought a convertible but went straight from the crib to the full size bed (using the head and footboards from the crib). DS slept in the crib until he was 3.. but he never tried to climb out, so we were ok with it. Went straight from that to a full size bed without rail and did just fine! Just a matter of preference really.
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  • We went from the crib to a twin mattress on the floor with DD when she was about 18 months because she was climbing out of the crib. The crib converts to a toddler daybed (without an extra conversion kit) but I was already pregnant with DS and we didn't want to buy another crib. The mattress on the floor has worked great. At some point we'll get a frame for it.
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  • I got a toddler bed, but only because I'm in a small apartment and needed the crib for a new baby, if you have the space I would skip it.
  • We have a convertible crib and DS1 slept in it till about 3 we converted to a toddler bed. Then DS2 came along when he turned 5 so we bought him a twin race car bed on Craigslist (it has high sides so he can't just roll out) and DS2 sleeps in the crib but I think we will convert to a toddler soon. The plus of the toddler is you can still use the crib matress and bedding and it's cozy. If you get a twin, you can always just buy portable side rails for it and make any bed a "toddler bed".
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  • We did the toddler bed mostly because I thought it would make the transition to his new room ahead of baby #2 coming easier. He loves his new room and in hindsight the toddler bed probably was a waste but it's helped make the room transition much easier.
  • My husband and I opted for a toddler bed for our oldest. We live in an apartment and both of our girls share a bedroom. We wanted them to have enough room to play in there, and if we got a twin bed it would take up way too much space. The transition was so easy with our daughter. We had no problems with her at all. With my youngest I will probably just transition her to a bed though. 
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