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Dumb Doctors - frustrated...

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I had my baby boy on Thursday, August 13th... on Saturday, August 15th, he was put under the lamp for a bit of jaundice. We went home the same evening. The health nurse stopped by on Monday to take another blood test and said, if they don't call then it's all good. Tonight, (Thursday, August 20th) I got a call from my doctor and he wants us to take baby boy to the hospitals lab tomorrow morning because his jaundice (or whatever) is a little higher... WHY would they wait until now?! They said it is not bad, but I just want to cry in frustration and the unknown. Saturday it was 205 and now (well, Monday's) was 245. Does anyone know anything about jaundice and can calm my nerves?

Re: Dumb Doctors - frustrated...

  • Feed feed feed! And get baby into some indirect sunlight, preferably in just a diaper. It'll help.
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  • Stay calm. Your LO will be fine. PP is right, keep feeding. That is the one thing that will bring those levels down. My son had really bad jaundice and had to stay on a light bed 23 hours a day. It was awful and I was a mess but he got over it. It will work out.
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  • AshleyDinKYAshleyDinKY member
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    Nearly the same thing happened to my baby! We saw so many doctors in the first week for her jaundice, and I was so scared, confused, and exhausted. I had to take her to the doctor for testing several days in a row, then to the hospital for more labs. Anytime they pricked her heel I cried and cried. My best advice is this: the levels often go up and up before they drop. Feed! Your milk will help your baby process out the bilis, and your doctors, while often seeming unconcerned, really do know what is best. They just forget that we are stressed and tired, and sometimes don't relate to us very well. Take your baby outside (weather permitting) and get a little sun...but remember that babies don't process heat like we do, so be careful! Sun will help the bilis, and the warm sun will also help calm your nerves. Keep calm - you are doing great!
  • Awe :) thanks guys
  • My baby went through the same thing. Once we were sent home from the hospital she had a "rebound" and her bilirubin numbers shot right back up and she was put back under lights at home, I wasn't allowed to hold her unless during feedings :( but the more they are under the lights the better and quicker their numbers go down. Hang in there it won't last forever!
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