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Rochester Area: Strong or Highland?

With my OB I can go to either hospital to have a baby. I had a good experience with the staff at Strong when I had my son (they were more supportive than my now ex husband), but that was 12 years ago. 

Nowadays my sister and my lady friends all seem to go to Highland to give birth. Does anybody have any stories or suggestions? 
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Re: Rochester Area: Strong or Highland?

  • I delivered at Strong. Some of the nurses were amazing, and a few were very uncaring as I struggled with breastfeeding and holding a baby for the first time. You might want to check out the Facebook group: Rochester Area Mom Chat. I wish I'd found it while I was pregnant, since this board doesn't get used much.
  • I delivered my daughter at Strong in 2013 and cannot speak more highly of the place. I will definitely go back, I'm actually looking forward to it. 

    I didn't know about Mom Chat! I'll definitely be joining!
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  • @AliSummer Hey, fellow April mom!! You're local too! How cool!
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  • @teddib20 Cool! I'm definitely leaning toward Strong. 
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  • I work at Strong (not in maternity) and have heard nothing but good things! I'm personally delivering at Highland for the smaller, more personal feeling I found when my sister delivered there. Besides, I don't want a bunch of coworkers visiting which my one coworker had happen when she was pregnant. Best of luck!
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