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Face booking it ?

okay so I know there are several discussions on when you will tell loved ones, friends and such but when will you make the big Facebook announcement.
I ordered my 2 boys shirts that say big brother and they are doing a photo shoot.
I was planning on Facebook announcing when I have the ultrasound pic and the pictures to go with it. I'll be 9 weeks.
Too early?

Tell me when you ladies will social media announce and anyone doing it in a cute way?

Re: Face booking it ?

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  • I dont plan on putting anything up on Facebook until after the Holidays. We will probably do a Family Photoshoot with our DS and the "only child expiring" shirt around October.
  • For that I plan to wait until at least 12 weeks but my SIL posted hers at 8 and a half weeks when she had her first sonogram both times so it's up to you I guess.
  • AliSummer said:

    People on facebook will know I'm pregnant when I start looking pregnant in tagged photos. Or, they'll just assume I'm really letting myself go. 

    Same. I announced last time at 19 weeks but don't feel like it this time around. I assume it'll be obvious eventually in pictures.
  • Everyone on my fb are good friends and distant family I guess that's why I'm definitely doing it. I want them to know also just in a different time and way then my close family and friends. I didn't realize that I am the only person thinking to do that lol!
  • I'm on a Facebook strike. Small town + divorce + getting remarried = drama. I would announce sometime between 12 and 20 weeks of I was though.

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  • We took a video of us surprising everyone at DS's birthday party. I'll probably post that on Facebook when we're out of the first trimester. But I agree about sonograms - esp the 3D/4D ones. They're kinda creepy!

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  • I'm planning to announce on FB after 12 weeks. Most of my FB are family and close friends that we don't get to see/talk to often. We are telling our parents, siblings etc around 10 weeks.
  • I am debating if we want to put anything on FB.

    I am seriously considering only announcing the birth on FB as my extended family is scattered around the country, but we'd be seeing them over the holidays and I am sure our parents won't keep it quiet long. I am mainly considering this because we have several friends who like to keep tabs via FB but won't return calls or texts because they already know what is going on. I am not even worried about tagged photos. Pick up the damn phone!
  • We also had an April baby the first time around and I think we waited until October the first time, I believe it was after our second appointment. 
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  • I probably won't announce anything until between 15 and 20 weeks, mostly because a lot of my co-workers are friends with me on FB and it's not a solid plan to announce on FB before I tell my boss.  We told our families that they are to remain silent about the pregnancy until I give the go ahead.  There are days I wish I had avoided the whole FB experience as it is equally fun and annoying.
  • We will most likely post anytime after 12 weeks. Our parents and close friends and family will know after our first appt at 9 weeks.

  • I announced after my nt scan with my 1st. With my 2nd I never made it fb official, as it seemed like really poor timing since a lot of my friends had suffered losses at the time. This time I doubt I will make a big announcement either. If I do it will be much later.

  • We haven't been on facebook for years. A little too much sharing going on over there. As far as announcing goes, we probably won't do much other than send out a text to our close friends. But we'll wait until the 2nd tri unless we see some and they ask.  We'll tell family after our appointment at 9 weeks. 
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  • I've already told mostly everyone but I still have some friends and family on fb who live far away or who I just don't talk to regularly. I'll probably announce there after my first u/s which will put me at 8 weeks. I waited until 12 with my first like you're 'supposed to' but with my second it was around 8-10.
  • I probably won't announce it at all on fb. People will see photos of me as I get bigger. Last time I was pregnant my friend announced around 7 weeks (we were due a day apart). I was shocked at how early she announced it. She unfortunately miscarried at 11 weeks but didn't announce that (understandably) and had people asking her all along how she was feeling etc. It made it really hard for her. If I were to announce, I would wait until the 2nd tri - but that's just me.
  • We announced at 8 weeks with DD. That is only a week away with this LO and I'm not nearly prepared for that. We haven't even told family outside of my parents. DH wants to tell his family eventually...whatever that means. They'll find out before a FB announcement, likely around 12 weeks after the NT scan. (FIL is coming in early October so we'll have to tell by then). We'll announce to extended family and close friends via FB surly after that as well.
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  • I got my next appointment at 9 weeks, I will tell our closest friends and family then. It will be fb official after our announcement shoot the first week in oct. I'll be 13 weeks then!
  • I'll be announcing on FB but not until after 1st trimester.

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  • By the time we get our photos back it will be close to week 13 so i will announce around that time

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  • I want to announce on my birthday and That will be 9w4d for me. It pprobably is a little early but I am too excited to keep it to myself :)
  • If I do... it'll be after 1st tri, but that's my personal preference. 
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  • I will be posting on FB at 12 weeks. I have tons of family that live all over the place and that's how we keep in touch :)
  • We did a facebook announcement when I was pregnant with my son at 12 weeks but I'm a little more relaxed (lazy and tired from chasing a toddler around) with this one. I'm leaning towards not making any type of announcement and people will find out when they see me tagged in pictures.
  • I will announce on Facebook but not until I am well into second tri and have told everyone close to me in real life. I like to do it because it's just an easy way to spread the word. Then everyone knows and it's not like I will just show up with some random baby at some point. Plus it's exciting! :-)


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  • I'll put something on fb the last weekend in Sept. We are announcing to our extended family that weekend in person, and then I'll put it on fb for the rest of my friends and family that don't live close by. I only have my close friends and family on my Facebook, so I don't have an issue with posting something on there. I haven't decided what to post yet though, I saw some cute fall themed sayings on pinterest, I may do something like that.
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    lol because I can :) I will def be doing it. I was curious what everyone else does and in the time they do it.
    I've also had multiple losses. Like I said. To each their own!!!
  • We did it this past weekend when I was 6 weeks. We're open people, and I knew it wouldn't be a secret for long. Plus, my older two were dying to tell people since they were so excited. I've had a loss before and we hadn't announced to anyone yet. I honestly think it was harder to keep that a secret, people didn't understand what was going on when I was sad, or missing functions.
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    I'll be Fbook posting. I've already told my close family and friends as I wanted to get the shock, questions and judgements out the way as I'll be a single mum. But I'm excited to reveal it on Facebook as I didn't have the excitement when I first found out I was pregnant, dad has freaked and tried guilt tripping me into an abortion and my mums not talking to me because 'this isn't what she planned for her daughter' (I'm 28 in 3 months, with my own house, BMW and well paid job). But oh well.

    Looking forward to finally being excited on Facebook and telling the world I'm happy with my decision x plus I have single mums on there who will 100% back me up xx
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