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Car seat tantrums!

Help! When my almost 3 year old son hasn't had a nap and is tired, he tries to get out of the car seat while I'm driving! It's happened 3x in the last month. I had to pull over to calm him down then when I put him back in the seat he fell asleep within 10 min. The car seat is 100% installed right as we've had the firemen install it and got a certificate. Anyone else's kid do this? What do you do? he tells me his butt hurts and arms hurt in it but normally he has no complaints about it.

Re: Car seat tantrums!

  • I have to fight to get mine in the car seat but once he's in, he can't get off the 5 point harness. He screams a lot though. I try to play relaxing music in the car and hand him snacks and juice and a toy to keep him occupied while I drive but it doesn't always work.
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  • At 3 years old he should be able to understand the seriousness of this if you have a conversation with him right? Like, for me, I would be pulling over and threatening time out for doing something so dangerous. Regardless of whether or not he's doing this because he's tired or what, I would treat it as a chance to discipline like you would for any other dangerous behavior. Does that make sense?
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  • Is he actually undoing the clips or are the straps too loose and he can get his arms out?

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