Pregnant after a Loss

Pregnant right after a miscarriage

just out of curiosity has anyone gotten pregnant right after their miscarriage ? Like within weeks? Were the pregnancies successful?

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  • @wilkat2009 did you ever get a period?
  • Nope! We weren't even trying. In the past I have had to be on clomid to get pregnant. This time we weren't on anything. I just noticed ewcm around the time we had sex so I decided to start the progesterone a few days after just in case. We just lucked out this time around.
  • I got pregnant after my miscarraige, had a period and got pregnant 1 st month. Unfortunately miscarries that baby too! So definantly possible! Back to back D&C's not fun! Good luck
    TTC since 06/2010 HSG-clear,SA-good DX:Unexplained IUI#1-(May) 100mg of clomid +trigger + progerstrone supp=BFN IUlI#2-(June) 100mg of clomide+trigger+progesterone supp=BFN JuLy Break for vaca. IUI#3 (Aug) 100mg of clomid+trigger+progesterone=BFN IVF trial started in Oct-Nov ER-15 Retrieved, 13 mature, 11 fertilized. 5dt on 11-15-11 Beta #1 9dp 5dt= 107 Beta#2 331 Lilypie First Birthday tickers
  • My MIL found out that she was pregnant with my husband at her follow-up and that obviously went well!
  • I got pregnant right after a miscarriage but unfortunately found at an early scan that the pregnancy sac was empty and miscarried two weeks after. Now pregnant again so fingers crossed this time
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