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Baby b flipped at 36 weeks!

I finally got used to the fact I would be having a scheduled C section since baby b had been breech since week 15. Well today at my final mfm appointment the little contortionist somehow managed to turn head down. Now I'm freaking out about the possibility of having them vaginally. Has anybody had a similar experience? My Dr. was pretty surprised he turned since they are so packed in there and each measuring 6lb5oz. Do I stay with the c sect? I'm terrified of getting the double whammy.

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  • I was the same way about being scared of the double whammy. My B twin was breech and did not flip, however my OB said he was very confident he could deliver B and either turn him or deliver him breech- but he gave me my choice. I decided to do the c section and I am glad I did. The recovery was not that bad and the worst part has been being restricted with exercise and lifting stuff, etc for so long after they were born. But I was not willing to risk having a double recovery and trying to care for twins at the same time. You have to make the decision you are most comfortable with! I am glad my doc was supportive of my option to choose. And he was a great surgeon!!
  • I think it's a sign! I would go for the vaginal birth! Recovery is so much easier than a c-section and there are benefits to the baby from a vaginal birth too.
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  • Is B the lowest one down? My baby A was breech which was the one closer to the bottom. B flipped from breech to head down and back to breech the last week. Scheduled c sect for 37 weeks. Day of B flipped head down again and then at time of surgery she was back to breech. Baby A remained breech the whole time. She was the larger one too by one lb.
  • Baby A is the lowest and has been head down the whole time. Baby B is higher and weighs more. Honestly, there has been so much movement the past few days, I wouldn't be surprised if he's back breech. And they told me there's no way he'd turn. Ha. My child is already challenging authority!
  • I'd stick with the C
    I had 1 with a singleton and 1 with triplets and loved them. Super easy recoveries, healthy babies out in time, & great foreheads;).
    Good luck!
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  • I delivered my twins on the 3rd of August. My baby B was breech until delivery day. I had a beautiful and easy delivery. Baby B ended up presenting elbow first and they turned him and I delivered footling breech. He was 1 pound smaller than baby A, so it was very safe and easy to do it that way. I loved my labor and delivery! Both boys are extremely healthy and my recovery has been a piece of cake compared to my singleton. Good luck! I say go for it! But do what you feel safe doing.
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  • Thank you for all the replies, ladies! I decided to go with the c section after talking it over with my Dr today. The swelling in my legs is just incredible and my bp is becoming a bit elevated. It's hard to believe I will be a mom tomorrow!
  • My B flipped at my 36 week MFM appt too!!  However, that is what I have been praying for.  I have had two successful vaginal deliveries, and know that I recover well from them, so  that's what I want.  Best of luck to you!!
  • Good luck! I had a double whammy. It was bad, but I'd do it all over again. I really wanted to experience a vaginal birth and I'm glad I got that.
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    I'm pretty sure the double whammy happens in less than 5% of cases...
    Edit: but maybe it depends on the practice.
  • I had my babies on the 18 th! I went with the c section and they are just beautiful 6lb 11 oz and 6lb7oz . My recovery so far has been great except for the tree trunk legs that got bigger! Patiently waiting for that to go away. Thanks for all the replies!
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