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  • @komorebi, THANK YOU! I find myself side eyeing most of the FTM posts here, and I feel terrible, but like COME ON! You really know that little? My biggest pet peeve is the ones about frozen meals. You really think you won't have time to cook with a baby who basically sleeps most of the day? I have 2 pre-schoolers, a husband, and I will still be cooking fresh meals daily! Stop it already!
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  • I hear you at @furelise93!   We are having the wedding shower and bachelorette party all in one day/night.  I'm co-hosting the shower so will be spending 4-5 hours doing that all day then they want to go to the races for three hours then out bar hopping after.  I'm at least going to sit out the races part....there's no way I can do the shower then sit three hours in bleacher seats and expect to make it out bar hopping.  But YAY!....DD!   :-/

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  • @aah1013 and @elmann1 - Thank you for the encouragement! You ladies are wonderful. :x
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  • @rue:D It's common to have nannies in this area (NYC/Conn/North Jersey) and be a stay at home mom. A lot of the women in my neighborhood have Wall Street traders for husbands and for them it's a sense a of pride and accomplishment for their wives to not have to work (old-style thinking, I know). But there are a ton of SAH moms here who actually do raise their babies and spend time with them, so the former is thankfully not the most common.

    So glad to hear it's not! Just most of the stories I've heard about nannies, the nannies practically raise the kids and the parents are hardly involved. Makes me sad.

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  • komorebikomorebi member
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    @BrooklynBroussard I'm team Bernie all day.he live tweeted during the debate and i was just nodding along to everything.
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  • MelMel92 said:

    @komorebi, THANK YOU! I find myself side eyeing most of the FTM posts here, and I feel terrible, but like COME ON! You really know that little? My biggest pet peeve is the ones about frozen meals. You really think you won't have time to cook with a baby who basically sleeps most of the day? I have 2 pre-schoolers, a husband, and I will still be cooking fresh meals daily! Stop it already!

    I've mostly stocked my freezer for my husband, really. If I end up with a c-section (it could happen, you never know) I know I wont be cooking for while. My DH literally doesnt know how to fry an egg, I REALLY wish I was exaggerating. So it takes the stress off him to have something ready, and what does it hurt to have some meals in there that didnt take me extra time to make since I made them while I was in the kitchen anyway? I like to be somewhat prepared for a worst-case scenario, I dont think that's all that insane. And hey, if I end up not needing them, I'll have some easy yet nice meals ready to pop into the oven for a while!  8-|

    I also plan on having a few meals on hand in case of worse case scenario. I also know how I was with dd1 with the lack of sleep, her wanting to be held all the time and feeling so sore and not wanting to do anything let alone cook. We picked up a lot of to-go food and it just won't work within our budget this time plus it just wasn't as healthy as it could have been. And having two I have no idea what to expect. I am all for baby wearing to do some activities but I don't think I'd feel comfortable wearing dd2 while cooking in case of splatter.

  • @smlowe9311 I'm with you, a few meals to keep us prepared won't hurt. I'm sure I'll be cooking meals still, but on those bad days it couldn't hurt to have something I can just throw in the oven.

    As far as preparing them....I've been so bad about cooking lately. My back has really been killing me and I'm trying to keep up with the house, the bills, and all the errands and appointments, but sometimes I'm just so tired and it hurts so bad to stand or walk so I'm begging DH to let us get take out. My belly band comes in tomorrow, I'm really hoping that helps my back so I can get back to cooking and keeping up with everything.  

  • aah1013 said:
    Sorry, everything is irritating to me these days. I mean the posts where ladies seriously like think they won't be able to do anything but pay attention to the baby. No showers, no going out, no cooking, no sleeping. Yah, I did all those things. In fact it was much easier to do with just 1 little baby. Now, try having a 1 and 2 year old, then complain to me about how bad you stink from not showering!
    I get what you're saying. I really do. But, why discourage or put people down for wanting to making things a little easier on themselves pp? I didn't anticipate all of the terrible issues I was going to have with breastfeeding and how it was cause serious pp blues and bonding issues. You never know what lies ahead, so I say, more power to the moms that want to make things a little easier on themselves. Maybe not everyone will be as natural as you were in your first months with baby. No reason to make people feel bad about their situations and what they feel is right. Everyone just wants to do what's best for themselves and their babies.
    Hey now, FFFC remember? I'm not putting anyone down, I am just saying it irritates me how people are saying they want to stock a months worth of cooking, because they won't have time to do anything but stare at their baby. And this was SUPPOSED  to be flame free. So no trying to make me feel bad for how I feel, remember? I may just need to stay away from here, like I said, everything these days is pissing me off, and I have enough stress IRL right now. 
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  • Guilty here, since I've left my job I've stopped bothering to do make up unless I'm going out or someone is coming over. Granted it's because I like not wearing make up every now and then.  I do brush my hair and shower though. I'm a FTM. I plan on just figuring it out. I'll be staying home for the first year and I'd like to keep some of my dignity, I'm also planning on there being some bad days in the beginning where I may just not get my shower in or forget to brush my teeth until noon. 

    My friend had twins and didn't leave the house for the first year. She had a rough time though. They were traumatized at the thought of leaving the house and would never go down no matter what she tried. In the beginning they were doing attachment parenting and were terrified to put the babies down. After 5 months of not sleeping they realized that it just wasn't working and they had to try a different approach. Things are a lot better now but she had a rough first year with them. I'm not by any means bashing attachment parenting. I looked into it to understand what it was and decided that it would not work for me, but I can see why others may want to try it. I honestly think everyone's situation depends on their kid. Her kids wouldn't stop screaming until they were held. My little cousin is very content with being on her own. Every kid is different. 

  • @FrozenMommy I feel your pain. And you have never thrown that in anybody's face. I have no problem with being prepared but once your body feels better there is really plenty of time to manage the day to day. It just depends on your focus. Breastfeeding can definitely keep you tied up initially but even that can be worked uni life.

    I know when I was a ftm I was equal parts annoyed and grateful for advice and realities checks. Now I'm an old pro and I'm still aware that I don't know it all, but damn if I don't have some golden nuggets of wisdom after all this time!
  • It's a good thing I can barely make toast, otherwise people would be asking me why I haven't prepped my food yet!

    As for the presidential debates, I am so angry that we got rid of cable and TV. I know I could have live streamed the debate last night but it's just not the same thing. I feel like I missed one hell of a party!

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  • LOL MariahOBrien  that's a good description of a FTM. My mom just told me she didn't approve of the crib bumpers I bought because the baby could suffocate and that my crib really wasn't a good choice because he might be able to fit his head through the bars. So now I'm frantically trying to find the receipts so I can return them. >Sigh< Why didn't my brain think of this stuff when I bought it? Isn't that supposed to be part of maternal instinct??

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