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Anyone have more than 1 type of stroller ?

I'm curious if any one has more than 1 type of stroller they use or they just have 1 they use every where for any situation ...
If you do have more than 1 , what different kind do you have and is it helpful to have more than 1 ?

I have a travel system (Graco click connect which I love ) but want a more compact stroller since I feel this one takes a lot of space up in the car and I don't need such a ' big ' stroller all the time when I'm out and about ... The one I am looking at is the GB Qbit Lightweight Stroller -

Re: Anyone have more than 1 type of stroller ?

  • I have had 8 strollers. I sold 2 so I currently have 6. I have a single and a double jogger that I use for walks. I have a single and a double umbrella that I use when I travel by airplane or for Dr appointments. My city select is my big heavy stroller that I like for my newborns because it has the car seat adaptor and a huge basket.

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  • I've had three strollers: 

    1 stroller frame, to snap in the infant seat. 
    1 "main" stroller, the Baby Jogger City Mini
    1 umbrella stroller for things like mall trips, or plane travel
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  • I have a City Mini GT that we love and use the most and I have a lightweight stroller that we use for quick outings and air travel.
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  • I have three strollers---my travel system. I used this when DS was an infant and then as my "good stroller" when we would go on walks and around town. Then I have another light weight stroller that I bought to travel with to Florida--didn't want to risk my Chicco travel system one getting damaged on the airplane. And I have a cheap small stroller that I used for quick trips out places or when I didn't have a ton of room in the car for one. 

    I would say I have gotten pretty good use out of all of them and am glad I have them. If I had more time then I probably would have gotten a jogging stroller---but with working and being a mom, my work outs are limited or I just run on the treadmill early in the morning or late at night. 
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  • @dogperson11 @BabyHope2013 what kind of light weight strollers do you guys have ?
  • Thank you everyone ! You helped make up my mind that I should get my self a light weight stroller :)
  • @dogperson11 @BabyHope2013 what kind of light weight strollers do you guys have ?

    I have a JJ Cole one that was on sale on Amazon Prime Day for $30. It's basically the exact same as the First Years Ignite stroller (no longer made). It's not very light, but it folds decently small and I'm not worried about it getting ruined / damaged when I gate check it at the airport.

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  • @dogperson11 wow only 30$! What a steal ! Thanks for letting me know I like the way it looks I'm more intrested in it folding small over being Light anywayS
  • I have a double stroller big heavy duty that we use for walks and have taken it to the park and mall but it's heavy and bulky. We also have a Radio Flyer wagon that we take to parks and events. And a single umbrella stroller for quick mall trips etc. I just leave it in my car or garage most if the time for spontaneous things.
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  • I have had a lot of strollers, for different things.  I had a britax B-agile with DD and loved it.  When DS came along, I got a city select, which I loved for a long time, but it is heavy and bulky.  I then bought a Sit and Stand, which I liked, but it was impossible to steer one handed, and ended up selling that one.  I have a Baby Jogger double jogger I keep at home most of the time for walks / jogs that I love!  I would use it all the time if it was just a little narrower and lighter weight, but I wanted a real good jogger. 
    I also have a double umbrella stroller I use for airports and quick trips to store, etc. 
    When #3 comes a long, we will be using the city select mostly though.
  • I have two, and if we have another child, we will have three.

    1. Chicco umbrella stroller for the times that we travel and need something small, camping, or quick trips when we are taking someone else's car. 
    2. Britax B-Ready for the infant seat connect ability, to use as a single more comfortable stroller, and to use as a double (for those times when I am babysitting someone else's kid, or if we have a second child).
    3. If we have a second, we will be getting a City Mini that will stay in my car. They are smaller than our B-Ready, but I like the one hand fold, and that it has features the umbrella stroller doesnt have. It is like the in-between of our B-Ready and our Chicco. 

    If it wasn't for the fact that I know my DD's legs are all of a sudden going to be "broken" (as she claims), and she wants to ride in the stroller, I would get rid of the B-Ready. But I am keeping it until we are officially done with kids and know that we don't need it anymore. 
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  • I have 3. The uppa baby cruz is my everyday stroller and gets the most use. The mountain buggy nano is my travel stroller. I originally bought the uppa baby vista when my daughter was first born, but it is too much stroller for our needs. We used to use it for walks around the neighborhood, but now that LO is older, it hardly gets any use. The bassinet was helpful when LO was a newborn, however.

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