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Adoption in CO

I am looking for insight to adoption process and agencies in Colorado. My boyfriend and I have been through 2 IVFs and are planning on getting married this fall. I know there are some laws around marriage in Colorado and private adoption. We are just starting this process, if there are any online forums, or research anyone would share, it would be greatly appreciated.


Re: Adoption in CO

  • Try a Google search for private adoption attorneys and they should be able to point you where to go and what to do. You can try agencies as well.
  • I know this is probably late, but I was a birth mom about 5 years in CO so I have a little knowledge. Most private agencies will require a marriage. The agency I worked through required the couple be married for two years before they applied, among other requirements like being medically unable to get pregnant/carry to term. Each private agency will have their own set of requirements, but they will overlap a lot of the time. You will also need to consider whether you want to go with a religious agency, or secular. This is important because some religious agencies will require you to be active in your church as well. Hope it helps, and congrats on the wedding! 
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  • I dont think foster adoption has marriage requirements.
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