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  • This our Gus! He's ecstatic about being a big brother!
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    The dog is River (3 months), cats are Kitty (13), Iris (6), and Socks (14)
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  • We have three fur babies Titus rescued at 16 weeks (whiter one) Tillie rescued and two (darker one) and Nox (cat) found in the gutter in the middle of winter. Vet thinks he is around one
  • This is Ginger she is my H's Siberian husky. I guess she is mine too since I found, bought and named her, however when he's home I don't exist so.
  • This is my 12 year old lab/pittie mix, Lily. Aka Latrell, little little, and Lilith.

    She has a scar on her nose from obsessively attempting to bury a bone in a blanket. She rubbed all the skin off of her nose and created a horrific scene on the bed.
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    This is Chip; he can be a jerk and by jerk I mean H refused to get him fixed so marks up the house but we love him anyways!
    Neuter is cuter (and less likely to urine mark)!!
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  • Our beagle, Jackson. He's 9, although he looks like a puppy because he's such a picky eater.image
  • Here's my baby... Bruno he's now 4 and just mad as a hatter ☺️
  • Here is Luna stealing my pregnancy pillow. image
  • This is my big baby Chief. He's a boxer, chow, shepherd mix. He loves to lay on my belly for cuddle time,
  • Apparently it's not letting me attach a picture :/
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