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*Update* Thoughts and good vibes please (long, sorry)

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My water broke almost 48 hours ago. After 12 hours at home with nothing more than BH contractions we went to the hospital around 10pm. I was only 2cm, 50% effaced and -2 station. Started pitocin at 2am. Barely got any sleep from them coming in and out all night getting us settled. Yesterday I spent practically all day walking the halls while they slowly cranked up the pitocin. All the grandparents also arrived and gave us their sarcastic remarks (no baby?! We gave you plenty of time? What's the hold up?). Contractions came on fast and strong around 2 am last night and they were basically stacked one right after another or just weren't stopping to give my uterus time to relax. And they were severe. They had to stop the pitocin altogether and give me a fluid bonus through my IV. That pretty much confirmed it for me that I won't be making it out of active labor without the epidural but I'm holding on for now. I was rechecked at 5:30am - and I was 4cm dilated, 70% effaced and still -2 station. I almost busted out crying. They were pleased that I had made progress at all and were sure it had probably happened in the few hours since the real contractions had started and are hopeful that it means I've turned the corner into real labor.

Baby has done great and continues to look strong on the monitor. Neither of us show any signs of infection from being ruptured for so long. I'm exhausted from no sleep in 48 hours and the sudden marathon of contractions from this morning. They've restarted the pitocin and are trying to get me into a rhythm as opposed to the stacked contractions so we've started from the lowest dose again and are working our way back up.

I hate starting a thread about my labor experience because I know we're all fighting our own battle to bring our babes into the world... But if you could send me any thoughts and good vibes to get this girl out soon and healthy... I'd appreciate it.

Re: *Update* Thoughts and good vibes please (long, sorry)

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