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Just found out today, IT'S A GIRL! need middle name to go with Brynlee

Having trouble finding a middle name :(


Please pick or suggest another :)

I almost think Brynlee Cheyenne would just be too much?!?!?!

Thanks in advance!

Re: Just found out today, IT'S A GIRL! need middle name to go with Brynlee

  • Brynlee Nichole is my pick
    Brynlee Jo sounds redneck and the others I don't like as the mn.

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  • Brynlee Nichole is my pick from your list, but I think you can do much better than Brynlee. Nichole, Rhea, Renee, and Cheyenne are far better than Brynlee. 
    Brynn Nichole
    Brynn Renee
    Brynn Cheyenne
    Brynn Lee
    Rhea Brynn
    Josephine (nn Jo) Brynn
    Johanna (nn Jo) Brynlee
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  • Brynlee is real bad. Like the PP suggestions of Rhea Brynn or Brynn Nichole. 
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  • What about Brynn Lee Lastname
  • Brynn Lee/Leigh is the only way to go.
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  • Agree. you can use Brynn and Leigh/Lee but Brinlee is a made up name and would look awful on school applications and resumes. Think of your daughter as an adult, not just a sweet little baby. You can always call her by her first and middle names so you can say Brynn Leigh so it sounds the same, but then she has a more professional sounding option to go by Brynn as she ages.

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  • I feel like Brynlee is the new Kinsley. It just sounds overly cutesy and made up to me. What about Brielle, Bryce or Britta?

  • I like Renee. I had a Brinley in my class this year. She was the sweetest!
  • ANything with Lee or Ley at the end is at trendy as you can get.  You might think it's a unique name BUT it's going to get lost in the class of Kinley, Brinley, Kaylee, Charlee, Riley's.  

  • I like Brynlee. If you love it, go for it! I had Annaleigh picked out if it was a girl
  • I unfortunately can't stand the name brynlee. Way too trendy for my taste. I do love the name brynn though if that's an option
  • Nichole for middle
  • I've got to say, I also really dislike Brynlee. It sounds made up for sure. But, I also agree with previous posts suggesting Brynn. Brynn is pretty and unique, and definitely acceptable for an adult. Plus I feel like many middle names will work with Brynn.
  • groovylocksgroovylocks
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    ^^ It's awful op I'm sorry. Just awful.

    I have a thing that I like to say around here sometimes. Does the name sound like something you'd buy on sale at Walmart? If so, it's a bad name. Sorry but this falls straight into the lap of that category.

  • Brynlee:/
    Katherine is a great name!
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  • Ava Brynn is lovely! I wouldn't normally reference celebrity baby names, but I know Bethenny Frankel named her daughter Bryn after hey husband's deceased brother Bryan. I think using Brynn in some way would be a great tribute.

  • Your son has a great name and so should your daughter. Ava Brynn is a million times better than Brynlee. I thought for sure you would defend Brynlee and ignore our advice. Bravo for being mature and open-minded. Ava Brynn is lovely!
  • Another vote for Ava Brynn, I love the flow

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  • crf4crf4
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    Brynn is a great way to honor a Bryan. Beautiful name in either the first or middle name spot! Glad to see you're open to losing the awful Brynnlee
  • Also love Ava Brynn!
  • Go with Brynn! Not a fan of Brynnlee, plus I think it is a bit too matchy with Wesley.
  • I'm English born and bred and have never heard a male OR female Brinley. I've heard a fair few Brynns though, mainly male and Welsh.
  • g8trkimg8trkim
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    taysun said:
    For everyone being rude, Brinley is NOT a made up name. It is a traditional Welsh/English name, most often used for boys though I think. Living in England I've only known boys called Brinley, so I'd personally avoid it for a girl.
    The traditional name is Bryn, and yes it's masculine and Welsh. Brinley is a modern feminine variant.

  • I am also in the camp of being so sick of the names Kinley, Brinley, Henley, Tenley....blah, blah, blah. I tend to agree with the previous posters that mentioned maybe going with Brynn Lee/Leigh. I grew up and went to school with a Brad Lee, he went by both Brad and Brad Lee. In fact, I had no idea that Lee was actually his middle name (I never saw his whole name written down). I assumed it was Bradley, and when he always filled out paperwork, he just put "Brad"....so I didn't think anything of it. 

    However, given that you want to honor your husbands friend, I think that Ava Brynn is an awesome name. Wesley has a great name, and if I saw Wesley and Brynlee together, I would feel bad for poor Brynlee who got stuck in trend-city. And even worse, match-matchy with the -lee sound on the end of both of their names. Or just use Brynn in there somewhere (first name or middle name). I wouldn't think anything of Wesley and Brynn together.  
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