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4 year old favorite toys

Curious what your 4 year old boy's favorite toys are.  Trying to think of some birthday gift ideas.  It seems my almost 4 year old isn't really into his toys too much right now.  He's into doing whatever mom or dad is doing even though we have play food and toy tools nothing like the real thing.  Thinking about telling everyone to shop at lowe's or bed bath and beyond (kidding sort of). 

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Re: 4 year old favorite toys

  • Construction toys
  • sports equipment - loves his Little Tykes hoop as well as the real basketball hoop in the driveway. He also has a baseball mitt, tennis racket and golf clubs. Loves what Daddy loves. He's going to be 5 in a few weeks. 
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  • My son is over 3 and a half years old and lately he's really been into legos. We started with the lego junior sets and now he can put them together by himself. Definitely a favorite especially the bat cave we have and the construction crane we have.
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  • The boys in my preschool class love all kinds of construction toys, Magna-Tiles are a hit as well as the bigger soft k-nex and the lego duplo blocks. cars and trucks are a big hit as well as train stuff,  playdough is also always a winner, I like to get the tools and make our own dough though. 
  • I've found that my 4 year old has recently out-grown a lot of his toys and now seems to have moved on. 
    Although is still happy to play with his baby brothers fisher price ark, and his crawl though arch some afternoons!!
    He loves his power wheel, his ball and his water pistol in the garden the best. He really, really likes my sisters trampoline in her garden.
  • Lego, both sons always choose Lego. We have a game console, laptops, tablets, but the favorite toy is still lego. Honestly, I'm very happy about it. 
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