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2 year old suddenly won't sleep

My 2 year old son had been an Amazing sleeper since birth, slept in his bed early loved naps never really had any issues. He ran into some Heath problems in the last 6-8 months with reciently made him vomit while sleeping. Since this issue I can't get him to sleep through the night with out waking up and wanting me to come sit in his room with him. I do and he falls back asleep and then when I get up and go back to bed he wakes up and cries again. I don't want him in bed with my husband and I... At all. But some nights I'm so exhausted from the waking up that I give in. Has anyone been through this and what did you do that helped. I'm prepared to let him cry it out although I don't want to. We have a night light and music, and we talk about bedtime before what what it means and how important it is to sleep... Nothing is working :(

Exhausted mommy...
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