3rd Trimester

Waking up with numb arm/hands

I keep waking up 3-4x a week with a numb hand(fell asleep) and my wedding ring is swollen on my hand! I've now taken the ring off but my hand still falls asleep! Is it because I'm sleeping wrong? I know I try to stay on my left sing but I also like to sleep on my back.

Re: Waking up with numb arm/hands

  • I've been having the same issue, my obgyn said it was carpal tunnel.
  • I had this last time it sounds like pregnancy carpal tunnel. Mine went away about 10 weeks PP.
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  • rue:Drue:D member
    I've had it happen, just assumed that I'd slept on my hand. I haven't been able to wear my wedding ring for months.
  • I had that, I assumed it was a combination of sleeping on it and the swelling. It didn't start to happen until about 35 weeks, and I'm 5 weeks PP now...it still happens occassionally.
  • lilnessililnessi member
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    I had the same thing with my first pregnancy, it's carpal tunnel, mine went away shortly after having dd. If it gets really bad u can get wrist braces, those seemed to help

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  • Same, get the wrist braces from Walgreens...helps a lot! Worth it.
  • Mine also seems to fall asleep when I wake up on my back. I have to take my wedding rings off before I go to bed or I'll wake up MOTN with circulation cut off in my ring finger. Its fine within an hour of getting up. I'd try putting a pillow behind your back to keep from rolling onto it to see if that takes care of it. May just be too much pressure on the vein in your back.
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