Consideration of how i want to spend my time

How do I get SO to consider baby and I when going about his daily activities?

I feel like he has no regard for me and my time, and feels like I am always OK with being home with baby. I do not think it is intentional , but I do think I need to convey that that's how I feel without coming across as a nag or clingy.

For example, this evening he came home and took the kids movies. I'm a little bothered that I didnt get to go, as we hardly ever spend time either as a family or alone because of his work schedule. He says to me would you really take baby pit in this weather? My response is no I wouldn't. I would go when it was OK for all of us to go.

I just feel that he is OK with doing whatever he wants because he knows I am there to care for baby. But I don't havethat luxery. I have to consider eeveryone in the family before making any moves.

Help! Do I suck it up cause I'm mother or can he understand how I'm feeling?

Re: Consideration of how i want to spend my time

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    You make plans ahead of time that involve everyone and put them on a calendar or a schedule.  Don't wait to the last minute to decide what to do.

    For example, you tell him that next weekend you are going to the zoo and then you will try a new restaurant that so and so told you about. then the next day you take all the kids to a new park but agree to leave when the baby gets fussy.
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    I agree with PP, but also make a schedule where you get to do things too and he watches the baby. Don't forget to schedule a date night in there too. 
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