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Whatcha Drinkin'?

I'm inspired by the beer discussion in randoms. So....

What are you drinking right now? Or later tonight? Alcoholic? Non-alcoholic?

Re: Whatcha Drinkin'?

  • Breckenridge Brewery's Summer Bright
    And water....always water.
  • Iced caramel machiatto and water, lots of water...
  • A local brewery (two roads) Pilsner. Not my favorite. Brought LO to her first brewery today, had a great IPA!

    Love Two Roads! I need to do the brewery tour next time I'm home visiting my fam!
  • Blue moon and water for me as well. Having one beer twice a week now a days. Thought I'd want it more often!
  • Water and Gatorade. I wish I had the energy to go to the store to get a bottle of wine. Moving has totally destroyed me, momma needs some red.
  • Real Ale Fireman's 4... Cheers, ladies!
  • Loving this thread.
    Alcoholic - rum and coke, I almost forgot my love of spiced rum while being pregnant.

    Non Alcoholic - either water or cranberry juice. I'm over cautious about UTIs in the summer since I live in a desert climate.

    Question...What are y'alls' beer recommendations? I've been dying for a good beer, but it's not really DH's thing...
  • So much water
    small town brewery root beer beer is our current obsession. We ate friends with the liquor store owner down the street and he saves us a case when he gets his shipment. It's been selling out in hours.
  • btm013btm013 member
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    @dancegurl1118 ya that's not how my Friday went down. I definitely had more than 3 beers
  • btm013btm013 member
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    I had 3 beers yesterday afternoon...

    The word "afternoon" is my favorite! Haha I think we would be good friends.
  • SmashJam said:

    I have missed beer SOO SOO MUCH while pregnant, I stocked up on some of my faves when I got close to the end, and my brother brought some from Indiana when he visited last week. 

    Non Alcoholic: Seltzer water
    Alcoholic: Zombie Dust (in moderation-9% takes some getting used to after 10 months absence!)

    Fresh Slice (White IPA)
    Mmmmm, Zombie Dust.
  • So much water
    small town brewery root beer beer is our current obsession. We ate friends with the liquor store owner down the street and he saves us a case when he gets his shipment. It's been selling out in hours.

    Is it the "Not Your Fathers Root Beer"? That's popular here! And delicious!
  • I so thought I would want wine but I have been so tired and so thirsty since I delivered that all I want is water. By the gallon...
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  • Still trying to make myself drink tons of water, but I have had alcohol a couple times. My favorite is peach Moscato and at my friend's 30th birthday party the other night they had peach sangria. I'm also addicted to grape fanta.
  • @SmashJam @423ang Zombie Dust! That's a whale for me. We weren't clued into it until we moved away from NYC (wouldn't have mattered if we had been, as some of my NYC peeps were having a hard time finding it), and we certainly aren't finding whales where we live now. Super jealous...
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  • @mellymar I'm in the northeast and definitely cannot get it here-my brother bought it from Indiana as one of TWO six packs he was able to find.

    Today I was able to get some Focal Banger, a beer by a brewery where I live that is not usually released retail, just to restaurants. They did it for flood relief as some areas flooded in bad storms here in the last week.  It was definitely a whale for me...as I stood in a line for two hours (without LO, DH was home with him) in 85 degree weather for a case, haha.

  • @mellymar @SmashJam @423ang I am with you on the Zombie Dust! So good! We are in Milwaukee and my husband will occasionally drive all the way to Three Floyd's to get some, we currently have a case! We also cross the border into Illinois to find it on a semi-regular basis but it is still a whale to us too (and love that you called it that @mellymar )

    For all the beer nerds... We had friends in town this past weekend from Nashville and San Antonio, so we had a bottle share before going out Saturday night -- so many amazing beers: Bourbon County Vanilla Rye, Bourbon County Cherry Rye, 512 Peach Sour, Cinnamon Roll'd Wake n Bake to name a few! Amazing way to start drinking again after 11+ months!
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  • Peach margaritas in my margarita machine :)
    Busch light/bud light (trashy right,?)lol
    I want to broaden my beer horizons...
  • DH stockpiled some beer for me while pregnant. We just put several New Glarus selections in the fridge along with some Undercover Shut Down by Lagunitas.

    For NA, I've been into smoothies lately. Easy way to get fruits and veggies. Add a scoop of protein powder and I call it a meal. Also easy to eat one-handed.
  • alcrimminsalcrimmins member
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    Sucking down a Starbucks Mocha Coconut Frapp...with real coffee, not cream based! So good! Made a stop b/c my pup was good at the vet and the ladies at Starbucks love him. The free puppacino doesn't hurt either! ~O)
  • katyqvkatyqv member
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    So much water. And almond milk, love that stuff.

    I enjoyed a glass of wine almost every evening after work before getting pregnant. I've tried having a glass a couple times since giving birth and I just haven't had a taste for it. Really hoping that changes because mama needs to enjoy a glass of vino.
  • Dinner with a Founders All Day IPA. Noms
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  • I might have a glass of cab sav with dinner tonight. Otherwise, it's been water and citrus cooler Gatorade today.
  • Bogle Cabernet sav... Every night :-bd
  • Another Founders All Day IPA right now. Yum
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