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Hi ladies! I am 32 weeks pregnant with my first baby. I've been thinking lately about the kind of things I'll need in my hospital bag, (for myself), and also about what kinds of things I'll need for post partum recovery. I plan to deliver vaginally, with or without pain meds, I'm open to either but we'll just have to see when we get there lol. But I've heard and read a lot about the bleeding and the possible tearing and possible hemorrhoids and....*heavy sigh*.... I just don't know what to expect or what to plan for! My sister had two c-sections and didn't really have any issues afterwards other than some bleeding so from her experiences, there's not much to learn (except I never want to have a c-section!) Any advice will be a blessing! Thanks in advance! :)

Re: Post Partum Necessities

  • You'll need to ask your hospital what they supply for your stay at the hospital. I didn't need to pack a thing for post-partum recovery. They supplied pads, mesh underwear, and a peri bottle and gave me pain relievers and colace as needed.
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    I agree with pp.

    The hospital supplied everything I needed and when I was getting ready to be discharged, my nurse brought me a ton of the mesh undies, large pads, ice packs, and peri bottle to take home. They did this each time I had one of my babes.
    If the nurse doesn't automatically grab these, I know you can ask for some and they'll give them to you. I would plan on having a supply of overnight pads ready at home and *maybe* some hemerrhoid cream. And then don't forget breast pads. You'll want those whether you're breastfeeding or not.

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  • The hospital gives you what you need while there but if you take anything home extra they will up charge the crap out of you.

    The basics are:
    Heavy duty overnight pads (I used teva)
    Cotton briefs
    Witch hazel (pads and liquid)
    gel ice pack

    If you have hemorrhoids i would get:
    Sitz bath

    You will also needs lots of patience and a sense of humor. It's crazy those first few days with all the changes so hang in there =)
  • Thanks so much ladies! :)
  • It's going to vary for everyone.  I never had hemorrhoids or accidental peeing but I did have 3rd degree tearing and it took over 8 weeks before I completely stopped bleeding.  Take home all the extra mesh underwear, ice pads, numbing spray, and peri bottle the hospital gives you (don't hesitate to ask for more).  Colace and ibuprofen are a must after you get home; I also bought tucks (witch hazel) wipes, more numbing spray and a sitz bath.  Some cheap cotton underwear and big pads go without saying.

    For the hospital, you really only need clothes for you and the baby to go home in - they'll provide pretty much everything else.  I would recommend flip-flops (something easy to clean off after bathroom trips - you'll probably gush blood when you get up the first 24hrs or so) and a hoodie to slip on when guests come (much easier than trying to put on a bra).  Don't forget your chargers for cell phone/laptop.
  • I wanted to throw in that my hospital did not up charge me for the supplies I went home with. I looked at the bill after my first, specifically, so I'd know for next time.
    It's always possible that it varies from hospital to hospital or even nurse to nurse. I'd ask your nurse when you ask about getting more supplies for home.

  • I've been making my shopping list so that I have everything at home. I agree with PP--- all those products for post part in padsicles are great (Pinterest has a lot of tutorials). I also read Vicks Vapor rub is a God send for hemmroids.

    I plan on living in nursing tanks and yoga pants when I get home from the hospital. I'm going to use old ones at first, but I'm also going to get some nicer yoga pants for a few weeks post partum--- something closer to feeling myself again.
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