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Drives me crazy- VENTING

So my sister in law likes to tell me what to do all the time without me even asking! I love her and we get along great but shhhhh. She told me not to put sunscreen on my baby (2 months ) but my pediatrician told me to put it on. She tells me I shouldn't take her to the pool even if it is for 10 min bc the sun. Tells me to pump more so I can freeze my milk (which I am but I didn't ask u lol). Just all in all gives me advice when I don't ask for it and is VERY judgemental. Maybe not verbally but definitely with her body language and her looks.

When I was pregnant she said how proud she was of me that I was drinking so much water and eating fruit bc most women don't. Ugh Idk just frustrates me.

Sorry needed to vent bc I feel bad telling this to my husband lol

Re: Drives me crazy- VENTING

  • You actually shouldn't put sunscreen on a baby until they are 6 months old but I know you don't want to hear that. Sorry, I couldn't help myself!

    People love to give unsolicited advice to parents. Just smile and nod your head or politely ask her to zip it!

  • Well my Dr told me that it's ok. I've done it once and didn't have a problem.

    Ugh it's just like she makes me feel like I do everything wrong. Blah
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