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I know we talk about sleep pretty often but...oh my goodness, is there such a thing as an 11 month old sleep regression? 1 1/2 hours of screaming last night. Hoping it's teething and it will pass soon. It's not a good thing when your husband says first thing on the morning, "Wow, I feel bad for you, you have seriously large bags under your eyes."

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  • I am in the same boat! The sleeping is getting worse! I wake every 2 hours and there are times i am up for hours with him because he can not settle. I am exhausted.
  • Whew, at least we have solidarity!! I feel like I am the only one of my friends who has experienced this with their babies, which I am sure isn't true.
  • I thiught it was just me because i dont let him cry. My baby has never slept through the night but his good nights he only wakes once not every 2 hours
  • Sounds a lot like us!!
  • Same boat here!! Some nights are better than others but I just think it's crazy that I've felt like this for nearly a year!
  • My daughter hasn't slept well since getting RSV in APRIL. She'll only sleep in her chair in the living room or with me. They say we'll miss this someday right?
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    My lo will sleep for a good hour and a half in her bed and then up all night if I don't let her sleep with me. I feel like I may never get a full nights sleep again
  • @lauraleighb6 ;  I hear that all the time! Maybe it's true, but I would be willing to try sleeping a few nights solid and then decide :)
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