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Frustrated mom here.  I'm trying to understand head start and pre-k here in SA. I have a 4 year old that desperately needs to go to school. He is slightly delayed socially and was receiving speech & language therapy before we moved here and yet he doesn't qualify for the pre-k program at the elementary school a half mile from our home. 

Every place I've called today charges $130+ per week for their daycare pre-k program (Discovery World, La Petite, Little Red Caboose, Just Kids, etc.) I'm not sure what to do or where to go from here.

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Re: Pre-K

  • Unfortunately pre k is elective in Texas and there for is a paid for expense. I would honestly suggest finding play groups for him to interact with. Also the public library's in San Antonio offer free toddler story time 2 times a week. My daughter loves them and it gets her interacting with other kids.

    Our favorite library is the Cody library on Vance Jackson
  • I used to work for head start. It is an income based program for children who are age 3-4 (sometimes 5 depending on bday). It is for families who have an income slightly below poverty level. You could try to get him in since he was receiving speech. You would have to show proof that he was receiving the services and that he continues to qualify. If he does then they may take him regardless of income. I would talk to one of the family social workers that work with head start and they would be able to give you more info. If you google San Antonio head start it will have the number for you
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    get a drs. referral for his delays and take that to the school tell them you are requesting he be tested for the ppcd program. 
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