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How long did labor last for FTMs

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i hear it usually lasts longer with your first, but I was just curious how long you ladies were in labor for with your first! I'm being induced on Thursday & I'd love to have her Thursday but I'm not sure how realistic that is lol (I'm already a little dilated & effaced & baby girl is super low)

Re: How long did labor last for FTMs

  • With my first, my water broke at 1 am. Contx started close to 2 am, and my son was born at 2:20 that afternoon. A total of about 13.5 hours of labor. I had a homebirth, so no induction or other interventions to speed things along. No clue what to expect this time around.
    Exciting that you'll have your baby soon!! Congrats :)
  • I just had baby girl on the 15th. I had my membranes swept at about 8:30 the previous morning I was 3 cm and 80% effaced. Around 9 pm contractions picked up and from then on everything went so fast. I made it to the hospital about 11:30 pm as the contractions were 3 minutes apart. Doctor broke my water about 12 that afternoon because I stopped progressing at 6 cm. Before I knew it, it was time to push. I ended up delivering at 1:10 pm.

    I don't know what others consider active labor but after my contractions hit 3-5 minutes, I delivered about 16 hours later!
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  • I was in labor 27 hrs and 45 min of pushing
  • 29 hours, 45 mins pushing.
  • This is my first baby.
    Contractions started Friday the 3rd at 3am. Consitent contractions 5min apart started at 8am.
    Went into Hospital at 3pm.
    Got an Epi at 5cm, 90% effaced around 11pm and had my water broken.
    He was born at 7am on Saturday.
    I pushed for 3 hours because I felt so much pressure.
    Had I waited for him to be moved lower by contractions I probably wouldn't have pushed for that long. But every minute of the 3 hours WAS SO WORTH IT!!!
  • After being induced and having my water broken, active labor was about 3 and a half hours and I pushed for 20 minutes. It looks like I was pretty lucky....
  • With my first, it was abt 14hrs and 3 pushes.
  • With my first my water broke at 8 am, put on pitocin by around 9:30, labored until 8 pm and pushed for 5 minutes!
  • So long.... 30 hours of labor, 2.5 hours of pushing. Natural delivery of a beautiful 10lb 6oun, 23 inches baby girl! Would do it again in a heart beat.
  • My first was induced and about 7 hrs.
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  • My water broke at around 10:15pm. We headed to the hospital and at arrival I was 4cm/70% effaced. I wasn't progressing, so they started pitocin around 3:00am. I got an epidural at 9:00am, only to find out that I was already 10cm and ready to push. I was exhausted, the nurses gave me a 30 minute break before pushing (the epidural really made a difference). I pushed for 45 minutes. Elliott was born at 10:20am. So, total labor around 12 hours.
  • I was induced at 38 weeks due to preeclampsia, I was not dialated and only 50% effaced I spent 36 hours in labor with forced contractions and finally had an epidural after 30 hours, I was only allowed ice chips the entire time, it was the longest, physically and mentally exhausting 36 hours but also the most rewarding!
  • I was induced with my first at 40+1, 1cm dilated. 44 hours of labor ending in a c section.
  • Induced at 7:15 am with pitocin and had my baby in my arms by 6pm. We opted to let the labor go long to try to get her as far down as we could before pushing. I ended up pushing for just under an hour.
  • I wasn't induced, but my labor was around 24 hours long which my midwife said wasn't unusual for a FTM.
  • Natural water birth here. Little less than 6 hours start to finish. Pushed for 35 minutes of those 6 hours. Fast and furious. :) Born during a thunderstorm. :)
  • 26 hour labor. I don't remember how long I pushed for, it was stretched over a 3 hour period cause my sons heart rate would drop and we'd have to give him time in between pushing for it to get back to normal.
  • Water broke at home but no contractions at 40+3. Pitocin hung at 10:30 pm and 2cm, delivered at 6:44 am.
  • I just had my first. I was induced at 5am, in labor for 4 hours and pushed for an hour. He was here at 12:56pm. I was 3cm when I went in. I went pretty fast
  • Was induced this Thursday at 4 pm at 41 weeks. Water broke at 6 by itself. Was 2 cms. By 8 I was 6 cm. And got an epidural in by 845. At 11 I was 10 cms. They flipped me to my side to position the baby better. Started pushing at 1145. By 12:12 am he was here (:

    After my water broke I started getting contractions one on top of the other. No break for mama in-between them.
  • I was induced. I was in labor for 7 hours.
  • 41 hours and they began helping me along at 6 hours in cause I had come in with my water broken, and there was some Meconium in the fluid.
  • Water broke at 12:45 am, but I wasn't sure if that's what had actually happened. Contractions were more regular from 1:30-2:30 am and I got to the hospital at 3 am. I was 3 cm at 3:30 am and 8 cm by 6:30 am. I knew I would need a c-section, but labored as long as they would let me so DH could get back from out of town--he almost made it! If that pace had kept up I would have likely labored for 8 hours or so.
  • 3 weeks of prelabor, then 37 hours of actual labor. Baby girl had her head turned to the side, so she wasn't engaging properly. Once that was sorted out, it was about another hour until I was fully dilated. I pushed for about an hour.
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  • I started contracting at 4pm contractions picked up around 11pm. I went to the hospital at 630am and was 8cm dilated. My doctor broke my water a little after 7am and I started pushing at 745 and he arrived at 918am all natural labor and it was worth it
  • Was induced at 2 PM and had a baby a little before 8 PM. I'm actually worried about future labors, if they get shorter I might be in trouble!
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    FTM and water broke at 12am. We left for the hospital and was 8cm dilated when we arrived. She was born at 1:42am. Very quick. I did have mild period like cramping for over 24hrs prior to water breaking.
  • With my first my water broke at 6pm on Friday and had to have a few meds to induce contractions. After I was stuck at 7cm for 4 hours and sons heart rate kept dropping I had an emergency c section and he was born at 936 Saturday night - so 27 hours!
    Going in Thursday morning for section, can't wait to meet our second son!!
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  • My contractions started at 130 am. They were very irregular. Went to hospital at 630, membranes stripped at 8 am. Pitocin at 10 am, epidural at 12. Fully dilated at 4 pm. Pushed for an hour and a half. So, 16 hours altogether.
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    I was induced, once active labor started it was about 3 1/2 hours till I started pushing and then 20 minutes later we had a beautiful baby boy.

    My induction did start the night before...they gave me one does of cervadil at 9:30 pm at that time I was already at 2cm
    6am the following morning I was at 3cm so they started pitocin at 7.
    Not a lot of progression until 1pm when they broke my water and I dilated from 4cm to 10cm in an hour
  • with my first... water broke at 41wk, 3d. 21hr labor.

    My 2nd (my July baby!) Contractions started on their own the morning I was to be induced at 41wk, 2d (induction was pushed back to later in the day because L&D was so busy...I got the last bed!) It was a 7hr labor!
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  • I was induced July 9th and laboured for 16.5 hours before we had to have an emergency c section, the cord was wrapped around baby boys feet (I like to say he was trying to bunjee jump out to meet me quicker, my poor thing all tangeled :() I was only 6 cm dilated when the c section was ordered.
  • I started labor on my own and then had to get pitocin to speed things along due to preeclampsia. 36 hours of labor, hour and a half of pushing. Oh and my epidural didn't work. It was pretty brutal, not gonna lie. Lol
  • 38 hours and just shy of 3 hours of pushing.
  • I was induced and labor took 8 hours. The first 3.5 were slow and painful and after the epidural everything went fast. But some people find that the epidural slows their labor so it just depends.
  • I got my bloody show at 9am Wednesday, had contractions increasing in intensity all day, water broke around 7pm, had the baby at 7:40am Thursday. I pushed for 4 hours!

  • 21 hours and 1 hour of pushing
  • I had a 2 step induction. (12 hour cervidel that brought me from barely a cm, to 2 cm. then pitocin for 40 minutes that took me from 2cm to 4cm and they shut it off cause I progressed to quickly.) from 2cm to birth with her getting stuck for an hour and a half was 6 hours.
  • FTM I was induced the day before my due date due to gestational hypertension. They inserted the Foley Bulb on Monday. FB dilated me to 4 cm and then started my contractions on my own. Which I was lucky enough to do that since they said normally you don't. So that altogether avoided me having to get pitocin. Got an epidural not too long after that. I was stuck at 9.5 cm at the very end. They Broke my water and let me tell you. The pain I felt was so excruciating. The epi unfortunately could not work for me anymore at that point because it was bone/pelvic pain. Labored for about 12 hours and only took 15 minutes of pushing.. I think I got my baby boy out with just 3 or 4 contractions. All worth it! I would do it again in a heartbeat.
  • Contractions for over 12 hours so far and just found out that baby's head is not engaged. My midwife calls it "annoying labour" which may persist for a couple of days before baby arrives. Feeling discouraged :(
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