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Have you ladies seen this? Thoughts? I am wondering why nobody was going to come?! 

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Re: Thoughts?

  • I would love to hear the real story.  

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  • Okay...I am glad that you ladies feel the same way. I don't get why nobody showed up. I don't get why the host felt the need to cry some tears on Reddit about how nothing on the registry was purchased (ummm....don't they know that most people don't shop until the day before, or that morning? Or maybe that is just my lazy a$$). I feel like it was the case of the gimmies....." I am having a baby, and deserve to be showered with everything I need to help support this baby."

    I totally agree, that it would have been awesome if it would have happened to someone that was at a battered women's shelter or something of that nature, and not someone that just didnt get any RSVP's to her shower.
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  • It sounds to me like she's a single mom living with her mother and people don't feel like supporting her for not planning properly. Also her cousin and sister are prego. Why wouldn't they be at the shower? I agree that most people buy last minute or not off the registry. I recieved mostly gift cards at mine.
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