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CNM recommendations in Akron

I know this is a long shot because this board isn't very active, but can anyone recommend a CNM in Akron? I will be trying for a VBAC and am leery of using the same OB who delivered my first child. She only delivers at McDonald in Cleveland, and I am undecided about Akron City vs. Akron General. I am leaning toward Akron City just because Akron General's website tends to make me believe that they would be less welcoming of some of my preferences (i.e. no IV unless absolutely necessary, snacking during labor if possible, delayed testing until after bonding time, etc.). Any advice/input is appreciated!

Re: CNM recommendations in Akron

  • Would you consider Barberton? This midwife is wonderful:
  • I'm using Paragon in Akron. They have midwives and OBs but you choose who you want to see and who you want to deliver (I chose midwives). They are exclusively affiliated with Summa (City) which I've heard are really baby-friendly/more natural practices (I'm a FTM delivering with Paragon in September). The only thing is that the midwives all rotate so you may or may not see the same midwife the entire time during your pregnancy or at the hospital during delivery.
  • I too am using Paragon and planning on delivering (we are currently TTC) at Akron City. City seems to be very all natural friendly. They have a couple rooms with tubs, and have a wonderful care plan worksheet for you to fill out to customize your delivery. Like mentioned you'll get whatever midwife is on call, so they suggest seeing all them through your pregnancy so you can get to "know" them a little. 
  • I'm considering switching to Paragon, would you ladies recommend a specific doctor or midwife there? I'm currently at OBGYN Associates of Akron and I'm not completely comfortable with them and I'm always waiting way too long.
  • They have a midwife named Nadia Podojil that is great! I would be having her deliver my baby, but I needed to switch to a high risk doctor.
  • Thank you for your response!
  • Update on my end, I ended up not going with paragon. After a bit more research and reviews from women in my natural parenting group, I decided they were not for me. I made the switch to OBGYN Associates of Akron. Although they are not CNM, O'Shea is 100% on board with me having the all natural birth that I envision. She is very involved and hands on, much like a midwife would be. @RachelT1234 , the reason you sometimes wait when at the office is because the doctors are committed to delivering all of their own babies. Which I absolutely love! You'll never get who is on call, you will just about always get your doctor. Knowing that, I don't mind waiting for appointments. I also know that O'Shea always answers every single one of my questions when I am in the room with her. She never makes me feel rushed or like shes trying to get out. That kind of bed side manner can't be matched. 
  • @LDSJM123 you're absolutely correct. After going to their first time parenting class and having my first ultrasound and pregnancy checkup, I'm definitely sticking with them! They have been fantastic, and even after all of my questions (i had a lot) my doctor was very patient and never rushed me.
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