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Formula Suggestions

My breast milk isn't keeping up with my baby's appetite so I want to supplement with formula. Any suggestions on brands?

Re: Formula Suggestions

  • We've just started with Earth's Best Sensitive with Iron. I'm doing half pped milk and half formula to start. So far so good.. No change in spit up or gas. My little girl is very much herself!! Good luck!
  • We like similac sensitive (reduces gas).
  • The honest company recently came out with a formula. We switched to it after trying earths best and a few other organic formulas out there. It has by far been our favorite. No gross formula smell, the best ingredients on the martket, and has reduced our LO's spit up by a ton! The only downfall is its pricier than others and you have to add in the DHA, one dropper full per day (or more based on weight.) It's been out of stock at our local target so recently started the bundle on their website. (:
  • I have been breastfeeding supplementing with formula since the beginning, at first we used similac for supplementing... and it worked pretty well... but for a while now we've been using Baby's Only Organic Toddler formula. They are so pro-breastfeeding that they call it toddler because they suggest that you don't give a baby formula until a year... but it is approved by dr and midwife for my LO. :) He loves it and I love how healthy it is... not full of crap like similac and enfamil are... I get it here ( ) at Thrive Market, for an even better price than the mainstream brands too!
  • We have been using the Target brand formula with no issue. It is basically the same as the brand name in terms of ingredients etc but at a lower cost. Our doctor said that it was one he has heard good things about as well.
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