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*Vent* DH is upset over baby shower

Well my baby shower was getting to the point of being too big (a little over 100 ppl) it included my side and his side of the family, church members, and very little friends. The church members got added on later because of my MIL after my mom and cousin already started planning, nothing was booked but they knew what they wanted to do. Anyways with the church getting included moved the shower from our nice restaurant plan to the gym of the church and from there so many other miscommunications between all 3 planning. It got to be point where my mom told my MIL that she wanted to give me a more intimate shower so our side is doing our own thing again which means two showers. Anyways DH is all upset and won't even talk to me now because of this, he even ate dinner in the basement he is so upset. Anyways now I feel like I am being selfish since he is making such a big deal about this. All I wanted was to have a nice shower and not a mess which it was turning out to be with the overflow of ppl and miscommunications. Yes I know I could have bigger issues or not even get a shower but I'm just so frustrated.

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  • That's kind of ridiculous. If your Mom doesn't want to throw the same type of shower your MIL does then she's in no way obligated to do that. Was each Mom paying for their own guest list?

    Also... gym of the church? Eek.

    Your husband sounds like he's acting like a spoiled brat. Why exactly is he so upset?
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    Um, yeah. Your DH needs to realize a few things. First, it's not your moms responsibility to host EVERYONE. And if she feels it's too big and not what she can afford, she's allowed to say no. Second, this is SO MUCH on your MIL, it's not even funny. SHe's the one who greatly increased the guest list.

    Also, there is NOTHING wrong w/ 2 showers. I think the guests will actually probably appreciate it. And lastly, being mad at YOU makes absolutely on sense. You're not throwing this shindig. It's not your choice/your say.

    Your DH needs to get over himself and realize that nothing is wrong w/ this scenario.

  • Can your mom host both sides of the family with her shower then your mil host a more casual church shower? It's not fair she invited church members to your shower but maybe you can still have your real shower that includes all family and a simple thing with the church people so it doesn't seem like a division of camps...

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  • Your husband needs to grow up before a real baby is in the house, because right now he's acting like one. My hubby could give a rip about my showers. He should be more concerned about how the stress of trying to accommodate this overblown affair is affecting the mother of his child.
  • I'm confused, didn't you say this was resolved on the other board you posted this on? I'm only asking as I see people have still been commenting on this thread. Just trying to clear things up. Do you still need support, opinions and help on this? 

  • How old is your husband??
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