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Hii everyone i am 31 weeks pregnant and i was just wondering if anyone had experienc in cloth diapers this will be our first child and the only support i have is my hubby and his mother but i have done so much research and i fell in love with the idea right now i have my pre folds i ordered from green mountain i got unbleached and organic i bought 2 dozen i still have to get covers and a snapi but if anyone is interested ask away but remember I would be answering based off my research NOT experience

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  • I'm a FTM and trying to decide between cloth and disposal or combo. What does cost look like for cloth and how do you clean them? Thanks for being willing to share research (I haven't had the energy - 8weeks in)
  • I nanny for a little boy who is cloth diapers and it is the cutest thing!! Oh and super easy considering I had zero experience before watching him! I'm due in May and can't wait to start cloth diapering :) His mom just has a sprayer on the toilet to spray off the poo and then just throws them in the washer she says it's super early and way more affordable then disposables!
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  • Hello, I am a cloth mom. LO is 2. I started with a combination of prefolds and covers with pockets. I grew really tired of stuffing. All in ones for me take too long to dry and then.....I crossed into the world of hybrid fitted diapers. Omg I was in love at first sight. I am destashing all of my pockets sans my limited edition BG's and moving exclusively to hybrid fitted diapers. They are a bit pricier but well worth it imo and overnight they hold like the hoover dam. I was seriously struggling because my lo is a heavy wetter at night so we were just doing sposies at night. I don't have to anymore though. 

  • I will be a new mom who is on the cloth diaper train! I instantly fell in love with the idea, and after a gigantic amount of tedious research think I'm as prepared as I can get.

    I think prefolds are the harder type of CD. I'd recommend looking into AIO (all in one) and AI2 (all in two) cloth diapers if you're at all worried or hesitant. It works very similar to a disposable, except there's a bunch more laundry (about every 2-3 days). The only real interaction with the dirty stuff is the poop. Before it's solid, it needs to sprayed or dunked in the toilet; after it's solid you need to put it in the toilet. Otherwise, you don't interact with the yucky stuff any more than disposable.

    It's MUCh cheaper. Depending on how you calculate, which brand and type you buy, it's about 1/4 or less the price of diapers. PLUS, think about this: it's much more environmentally friendly AND healthy for your baby! Plus, I've heard rumors like CD babies have less blow outs, less diaper rash, and can be potty trained earlier.

    Good luck!
  • I am considering it too! I have friends that do it and LOVE it! I have been researching and looking on Pinterest. (Pinterest is my life! :D ) I think I'm going to buy around 3 CDs each month to slowly build my "stash". That will be roughly 27 CD by the time I have baby!
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