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TTC and know one knows

I'm new on here and still reasonably new (?) where I'm living?? Maybe it's just hard to make friends. Either way, I'm here and only one person in my life (husband aside!) knows that we are TTC. Sometimes a girl just needs people to talk to. About babies, about life, about anything! I haven't been working this summer and I. Am. Bored! You know what doesn't help passing the time when you really want to test? Having nothing to do. This may seem desperate and I think at this point I'm ok with it.

Re: TTC and know one knows

  • Hi there!! I get how you feel except that I have a big mouth and have told a few friends lol it's so hard not to talk about it! Plus some people ask so I'm just honest if they do. But I'll talk about babies and stuff to anyone who wants to so go ahead ;)
  • Aw, thank you!! Right now I am dealing with H being so nonchalant about it, while I'm over here with my uterus screaming to carry a child. I can't explain how bad I want a baby, but thankfully I found this place so I know there is a lot of people that get where I'm coming from.
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  • @ninnerpoos

    Currently not working either, super bored, consumed with thoughts of TTC, largely because of the boredom.  Totally know how you feel.  Also not telling anyone about TTC except for my BF only because her wedding and bachelorette are coming  up and I wanted her to be aware.  Frustrated about MH non-chalance as well even though I know that's just how he is about everything and he's excited as well.  
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