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Anyone using it? Anyone have advice, experiences or such?

Re: Clomid

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    I know it has a total life use of 6 cycles, and that you should be consulting an RE before use and should not get it from your OB.  There is a post on the TTGP board that I'm going to copy here, it isn't my post but it has a lot of information about it.

    This is from the user TheBorg7of9

    "Ok. Hello and welcome. I have been on clomid myself and have read many stories on this board for 6 years from women on clomid.

    First of all before you take clomid, you need to make sure you don't have any other problems that would make the clomid moot. That is because clomid has a lifetime max of 6 cycles. After that some doctors won't give more clomid because of a potential concern about cancer. Although that link has not been proven. Also, if it doesn't work after 6 cycles, it's probably not going to work. The two most important tests are a semen analysis for your husband and an hsg to make sure your tubes are open.

    For each cycle you are on clomid, you need Bloodwork and vaginal ultrasounds on cycle day 3 and then starting mid cycle about every other day until you ovulate. Opks are not reliable when you are on clomid. The tests on cycle day 3 are to measure your hormones, check for pregnancy (clomid is not good if pregnabt) and check for cysts (clomid causes cysts. Also, if you start a cycle with a cyst and take more clomid, the cyst may grow exponentially and cause you to lose an ovary. I have seen some women on this site end up in the ER because they weren't monitored.)

    The ultrasounds also check if you are overresponding or underresponding. If you overrespond (like I did) you have to decide whether to cancel the cycle or risk high order multiples and a second trimester selective abortion. If you underrespond, you doc may change meds for next time.

    The ultrasounds also check your uterine lining, because clomid might cause your uterine lining to be too thin and prevent pregnancy.

    Another side effect is that clomid may dry up your cervical mucus, thereby decreasing your chances of pregnancy. That's why reproductive endocrinologists usually pair clomid with an intrauterine insemination.

    Finally, I would very highly recommend you see a reproductive endocrinologist for infertility and not an OB. REs are the experts here, not OBs and they do the proper tests and monitoring as a matter of course."

    Also here are the two most recent posts on Clomid and you can see people are concerned for both of these girls well being because it is a serious drug

    Hope that helps.
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  • I conceived twice on Femara, which is similar to clomid but doesn't have as high of a risk of multiples or other side effects, so doesn't require close monitoring like clomid. It was originally designed as a breast cancer treatment and its use in fertility is still considered a secondary use, so it's not always covered by insurance, but it might be worth looking into with your doc. Good luck.
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  • I see a RE already, she gave me the choice between Femara and Clomid. I would only try 3 cycles of one of them and then try the other.
    I appreciate the quick responses and information ladies!
  • Good luck!
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  • I dont have any experience with clomid but my dr prescribed letzole for me it triggers the body to release multiple eggs to aid in conception. The side affects are next to nothing and the chances of a multiple birth and significantly low compared to clomid. We concieved after the first time using letzole but we have just miscarried at 7 weeks on the 8th of july:**(
    Best wishes too you
  • I'm so sorry for your loss @JMagana! I wish you the best for the future. My MMC was at 6 weeks on 29 May (first pregnancy as well), so I'm just getting to my first AF since the miscarriage.

    I have not heard of letzole but I will ask my doctor about it. I've decided to try out Clomid this cycle.
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