Pregnant after a Loss

Could this be a good sign? (Losses mentioned).

Ok so here is my story.  DH and I first started TTC in 2010 and suffered our first lost Oct 2010 (chemical pregnancy).  My second pregnancy was May 2011 and in January 2012, we had our beautiful baby girl!  Fast forward to 2014, we decided to try for baby #2.  I have since had three miscarriages (2 chemical and 1 around 7 weeks).  All 5 pregnancies have been using Clomid (100mg with the first two and 50mg with the last three).  My most recent miscarriage was in May, my doctor wanted to start me on progesterone as soon as I got BFP, but it came over a long weekend so I didn’t get start taking it until 3 days later, by then my levels were already very low and I started bleeding 3 days after that. 

DH and I decided to wait before trying Clomid again.  In June, we did the baby dance right around the same time as I noticed the ewcm and got a positive OPK.  After the last miscarriage my doctor suggested when we were ready to try again we start the progesterone earlier (3-4 days after ovulation).  So that is what I did, figured it couldn’t hurt.  Well today I am 10dpo and I took at pregnancy test and got a very faint line.  This is the first time i have got pregnant on my own (without clomid)!  With my other pregnancies I never got a BFP this early – normally I had to wait until my period was due or just after to get anything.

Do you think that seeing the BFP earlier on is a good sign?  I am think that my levels might be higher than they have been in the past?  I have an appointment tomorrow to test my HGC and my progesterone.  I had this waiting game.  I am trying to not get my hopes up after so many heartbreaks but I am praying this is a good sign. 


Re: Could this be a good sign? (Losses mentioned).

  • I don't think it's a bad sign. Good luck!
  • Absolutely! Your hcg have to reach a certain level to turn a test positive. Good luck!
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  • I got my labs back.  My progesteron is 28.1, which they said was very good, however I am also taking 100mg of progesteron so I would expect it to be good. 

    They said my HCG was 28 which was low but it could be because it is an early pregnancy.  At the time my blood was drawn I was 11dpo so that is early but still have my scared.  Of course they wont know anything until after tomorrows bloodwork to see if my levels doubled.  Praying Praying Praying.

  • Praying like crazy and sending you positive pregnancy thoughts, good luck!
  • Best of luck to you!! Glad your blood work came back ok!
  • Got the results back from my second round of blood work!  My hCG level went from 28 to 74!!!!  It more than doubled.  I am so excited.  We arent out of the woods yet but I am feeling much more optimistic.  Next step it to go in for an early ob appointment which is July 27th.  Praying that everything continues to go well.
  • Great update! I'm hopeful your hcg will continue to double and that your pg will be healthy.

    DD1 born 5/24/10.

    Missed M/C at 14 wks Feb 2012.

    DD2 born 5/14/13.

    Missed M/C at 9 wks July 2015.

    Expecting someone new 4/17/17.
  • Holy! Congratulations, that is crazy high. :-O :O)
  • I know!!!  I dont even know what that means.  My sister is kidding me that its twins.
  • She's joking...but really high hcg is indicative of multiples...
  • At this point I'd take twins!
  • That would be fun, right?! You'll have to let me know what they see during your first ultrasound... Exciting!
  • Awwww I'm so happy for you!
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