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Am I Crazy?

I'm 33yrs old, single and really want a baby. I've talked to my current bf about it and he is willing to help me, however he doesn't see himself as a father or ever getting married. My bio clock s ticking and I truly love kids! I'm a successful adult who works full time with a great job, so financially I'm just fine. Should I think about this or go for it? I don't have long until getting pregnant becomes harder and the risk factors for baby go way up. 

Re: Am I Crazy?

  • Trust me I understand baby fever. It is over whelming with me right now. BUT the thing is you are only thinking about your bio clock. Not what it will do to a child not having a dad. Most kids grow up and survive it but being a kid who grew up without a dad it did mess with me a bit. So why force them to have that feeling?

    Good guys are awesome people to have in a woman's and girl's life and babies deserve the right to have a dad. Your bio clock is nothing compared to a baby.

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  • Have you considered using a sperm doner?
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  • Actually yes, that's all he is doing for me...sorry I should have made that clear. Also the baby would have plenty of male role models even if they didn't have a father as my family is super close knit and I have 3 brothers, plus other family. 
  • If I were in your situation, I would do it. But I probably would use a donor from a clinic. Good luck!
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  • I would go for it as well.  I always said if I didnt have a child by the time I was 30, I was gonna go in-vitro as well.  I would definitely use a sperm donor though....he could decide he wants to be in the child's life, he could decide he wants to try to get full custody, ANYTHING could happen.  Plus, if something happened to you, legally, the child would go to the father...which would be this man you have found that has agreed to impregnate you. 
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