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Looking for tips

We need to transition for napping in the swing to napping in a pack n play...any tips?? Does anyone do naps in the crib? How does your lo know when it's nap time and when it's bedtime?

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  • When we transitioned from the RnP to the crib, my daughter was still swaddled. This was around 4 months old though. Naps always suck with babies. At least that's how it's been with both my kids. Naps are just tough.

    Your LO will figure out the difference between nap time and bed time. There's nothing you really need to do to help that along, they just figure it out. Make sure you watch for tired cues and put your LO down for a nap at the first sign of being sleepy.

  • He naps well...it's just that we are starting day care in September and he cannot sleep in a swing (which is where he naps now and yes I'm aware that he shouldn't be in there but he is our first and I was unaware until after we developed the habit of sleeping there). He just about 6 months and I would like to transition him out before we go to day care just so he doesn't have tons of transitions with going. Plus I'm off for the summer and can work on it with him. Any tips?
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    I know at my daycare they let LO fall asleep in swing and then move them to their crib.  Maybe try working on letting LO fall asleep in swing and then moving to crib.

    Good luck!
  • Transition will be tough at first.  My LO napped in the swing until he got too long for it and I remember him fussing a lot.  He went straight to the crib.  Naps very well 2x/day 1.5 hrs each sometimes.  We always feed or I nurse him right before naptime and he usually gets very sleepy from that.  He wears the zip up blanket sleepers. 
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