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3rd Trimester

Powerful Eats for You and Baby

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We hear a lot of chatter about what foods to avoid while pregnant, but not nearly as much about the foods to seek out.

Check out our list of nutrient-packed eats to keep you and baby healthy throughout pregnancy. Which of your favorite foods made the list?

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Re: Powerful Eats for You and Baby

  • I like eggs and lean meat.
  • I like everything on the list. But I have been really enjoying bled sweet potatoes lately and make a smoothie with leafy greens (mixed with banana and berries) almost daily.
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  • Try a banana, frozen berries, baby spinach, cucumber, orange juice and one spoonful of yogurt smoothie. Orange juice is packed with sugar so I try not to drink it on its own but I have been making a smoothie almost everyday and have stayed very healthy throughout my pregnancy. For a quick meal with sweet potato, I cut them into cubes and bake them on a sheet with some olive oil, and eat them with white rice and spinach and teriyaki sauce or soy sauce. You could also steam some other vegetables and add those like carrots or broccoli or green beans. 
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