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Powerful Eats for You and Baby

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We hear a lot of chatter about what foods to avoid while pregnant, but not nearly as much about the foods to seek out.

Check out our list of nutrient-packed eats to keep you and baby healthy throughout pregnancy. Which of your favorite foods made the list?

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Re: Powerful Eats for You and Baby

  • This is a helpful list!!! I love orange juice, sweet potatoes and oatmeal!!
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  • Great list. And I am getting cravings for spinach...so out of character it was one of the main reasons I even tested!

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  • I love leafy greens and drink alot of orange juice but one thing that got weird look was eating pickles and drinking orange juice. I don't know why but thats what i wanted all I want is pickled foods, and orange juice.
  • Kale Berry Yogurt smoothies have been a morning lifesaver, glad they make the list. Hard boiled eggs (thanks to backyard chickens) have been an excellent protein source!
  • Wow!!! I really enjoyed the topic and found out some interesting things that I didn't know. Thank you so much
  • Lol I've been wanting spinach , lemonade and orange juice myself
  • I wish I had a craving for spinach, I craving chip and crunching items. I normally eat healthily.
  • I've been craving egg drop soup!
  • You guys... I want to eat healthy but honestly any sight of veggies or good stuff makes me gag. Makes me sad because I was such a healthy eater. I've to try and trick myself into eating healthy. Haha
  • That is awesome! I hear a lot about what we can't eat. And since most of the things I eat seemed to be on that list (lunch meat, sushi, coffee) it's nice to have a list of things that I CAN eat. Such a relief! 
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  • The only craving I've had so far is for cooked cabbage. Ugh. Wonder what that is about?
  • I'm craving salt, salt, and more salt. But this list is actually inspiring me to go harvest some kale from the garden.
  • Oooooo how about taking the eggs and spinach and making a quiche.  That sounds so good to me right now.

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  • Just picked up on scrambled eggs. Mix in spinach , a can of corn beef hash and cheese.... Ooohhhhh my g!
  • My Co-worker who just gave birth a few months ago suggested I snack on the "no shell raw sunflower seeds" as they high in folic acid. I think they taste pretty good too!
  • Thanks for posting!  I'm pregnant with my second and having a very different experience.  The first time I had so many food aversions- I never wanted to eat.  Now I want to eat ALLLLLLL the time!!
  • I enjoy fruit salad lettuce wraps, quick snack fix! Along with a yummy peach cut in half adding just a little honey and your choice of soft cheese or even whipped cream:D
  • This list is great! It's refreshing to see foods that we should be eating instead of staying away from!
  • I am so happy to see salmon on this list! I could eat salmon everyday
  • I don't want any of the stuff on that list right now, but I have been eating my weight in raspberries (and anything raspberry-flavored) almost daily. Can we add those to the list for me? LOL

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  • This is an awesome list! I've been trying to eat lots of malt o meal in the morning. Haven't had it since I was a kid but it's full of tons of great stuff and has 100% of your daily folic acid!
  • Oh man i love most these but salmon :x <:-P heck ya!
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  • Hi, I am 4 weeks 2 days. This is my first pregnancy so I am little scared. I always used to hear before that we should not eat food containing heat in pregnancy especially during early pregnancy and used to hear that egg is one of food product containing heat. Is that true? Is it safe to eat boiled eggs - white and yolk?
  • @prayingformybaby what do you mean by foods with heat? Hot food?
  • Yeah kind of like garlic, eggplant, papaya
  • @prayingformybaby eggs are very important for your diet! Just make sure they are well cooked. No runny yolk. Hard boil are fine. Same with your steak... No pink!
  • Thank you xoxlove
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    Actually you can eat steak that is med rare! If the outsides of the steak at cooked, you're fine. It's the exposed parts of the meat that can cause the issue of undercooked, not the inside
  • I read no leafy greens uncooked. So no salad. To cook all veggies bc of the bacteria they can carry. Anyone else? My husbands a restaurant owner and knows all too well the stuff they can carry so he has me on a strict limit! Lol love his care and concern but I miss salad!
  • I have a question ladies- I am reading mixed reviews regarding cold cuts. I have been dying for a Boar's Head honey turkey sandwich, my doctor never told me to steer clear of cold cuts- what do you all think?
  • How many eggs should you eat per day?
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  • I've determined that I have to eat pretty clean to keep the nausea at bay. Only fresh fruits, veggies, and whole wheat for me! The second I eat something "bad" nausea kicks in full force. Sadness.
  • Oh wow! I've been wanting all that and I've been wondering why. Guess my body is in need of the nutritional values.
  • I've been told fully cooking lunch meat is fine so I like hot roast beef sandwiches with melted Swiss- yum!
  • My doctor said I could eat lunch meat but after hearing so often not to I wanted to do some research. The CDC website has a lot of information on listeria. Their listed statistics of occurrences have me much less worried about eating sandwiches.
  • Since all my normal healthy food currently disgusts me, I have been afraid I wasn't getting enough nutrients for the baby other than carbs and fruit. All protein repulses me right now. BUT my genius bro-in-law suggested protein shakes. Why didn't I think of that?!

    I mix peanut butter, protein powder, milk, banana and it seems to keep me full and NOT make me sick. YAY!
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